Dark Souls in 2021: 10 Year Anniversary

Zahi AR from Link Cable Gaming writes, "Welcome back Link Cable Gaming fans, to the one and only genre-defining game, Dark Souls. Celebrating their 10th anniversary, Dark Souls release on September 22, 2011, to almost immediate critical acclaim. Since its epic release, From Software has gone on to become one of the most well-received and respected gaming giants in the industry. But is this decade-old game still worth your time in 2021? And does it hold up to today’s modern consoles? Join us in discovering how Dark Souls has fundamentally changed the gaming landscape."

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garos82612d ago

praising the sun for 10 years now!

Zahiar612d ago

Praise that sun all day man !

Fluttershy77612d ago

For me Dark Souls is an online PVP game. The mechanics are just damn near perfect. I have 4k plus hours put into the game and still playing and every PVP player will tell you basically the same: you might leave the game for a while but you always come back. An absolute master piece.

Zahiar612d ago

Dude omg ahah, thats crazy. Funny enough while I was playing some Dark Souls for the article, and a bit for nostalgia, I got invaded by the sweatiest PvPer I've ever fought against. Dude was stacked and I was running for dear life. I was literally writing as the screen started flashing, forgetting I was in human mode. I haven't sweat that hard in ages lol. I barely won aha
I can't believe how active the community is to this day