TotalGaming: Battle Of The Bands review


"While there are plenty of opponents to beat and thirty songs to unlock, there's little here to keep any but the most undemanding gamers amused for long. Apart from the grim aesthetics, the game's unengaging interface also detracts from the enjoyment; anyone who's played Donkey Konga with a joypad instead of the drums will know that it's just not the same without a peripheral to interact with. By the same token, waving a wiimote in time to some on-screen prompts isn't as much fun as playing, say, Rock Band with a plastic guitar.

It's certainly possible that, given a living room full of friends and a ready supply of beer, Battle of the Bands' versus mode could provide a few hours' entertainment, but the title remains a weak addition to a console already overcrowded with party games."

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