Lost Judgment Does Not Work On PlayStation Consoles Despite Being Released

From Game Rant: "Lost Judgment is out in some regions, but it seems like anyone who had pre-ordered the game is currently unable to play it. Lost Judgment was met with a positive critical reception, but this strange occurrence has resulted in a lot of confused and frustrated fans.

While the standard edition of the game does not come out until September 24, the deluxe and ultimate editions are scheduled to release on September 21. The ultimate edition of Lost Judgment also includes The Kaito Files, an expansion featuring Yagami’s partner Masaharu Kaito as a playable character. Despite it being September 21 in some regions, users have been complaining about not being able to even download the game."

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Magog29d ago

They shouldn't have staggered the release date like that to squeeze a few more bucks out of people.

Nakiro29d ago

It's 3 days, I'm sure people will manage to make it through this tough time in their life.

Staggering release makes sense for an online game but for a single-player game it's just stupid.

Yui_Suzumiya29d ago

First world problems, right? Lol

Redrex700029d ago

everything thing a first world problem lol

Nicknasty29d ago

Hmm, another reason to give the finger to digital! Go physical!!!

JackBNimble28d ago

You should be be giving Sony the finger for letting this happen on their platform.
I'm sure everyone would be all over MS if this was happening on xbox.

Just another example of Sony apologists letting sony slide. This has nothing to do with the game being digital or not and everything to do with incompetence and poor management.

Nicknasty28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

To be perfectly honest, i wasn’t even thinking that, nor do I care about a one console side. I’m talking about the problems that arise when you decide to go digital. That too hard for you to understand? You wanna be an immature little crying Xbox fan, that’s your problem. Go right ahead no one is stopping you. I do suggest next time you don’t assume that’s the way everybody else thinks. You do sound pretty childish and paranoid though.

LoveSpuds28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Yup, I only buy digital when there is no option personally. I realise that mean less and less these days as so many games requiring so much patching anyway, but I love my collection.

@JackBNimble, took a look at your comments history, you seem to be something of an Xbox apologist yourself squire 😆

MrNinosan29d ago

Most likely the "release date" is locled to when a certain region reach 21st.

Same for me very often here in Sweden.
Even thou Kena is released in just 4 hours here, I'll have to wait 10 hours due to it being locked until midnight in what I guess is east coast American time.

Nothing is wrong, just wait a few hours and it's fine

patterson29d ago

Clickbait title. There’s a difference between “not working” and not available for download.

GamingSinceForever29d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing.

Silly gameAr29d ago

Gamerant has been super clickbaity since the PS Showcase. If they're not coming out with weird opinion pieces, they're putting their own spin on actual news, and confusing people.

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