IncGamers: SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1

Paul Govan looks back at the games of yesteryear.

Equipped with nothing but a PSP and UMD of old skool games, this is just a little of what he had to say:
"I remember that at the time, a single Neo GeoSNK Arcade Classics Vol 1 joy pad (bristling with buttons) would have set me back as much as I had just shelled out for my SEGA Megadrive. Not even the might of Father Christmas and his endless budget (even before the Iceland banking collapse) could stretch to such extravagance."

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Leord3602d ago

Am I the only one filling up with a positive buzz when you read about the great games of yesteryear? =D

martynmj3602d ago

I love these compilations of old games, looks like its fun.

syrinx3602d ago

No, retro games are great. I toyed with picking this up and I might actually do so now.

Dorjan3602d ago

I remember a few of them, some good classics. Not enough that I remember for me to get it I don't think...

Maticus3602d ago

It's surprising how addictive these old games can be.

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