Call of Duty Vanguard Beta runs with constant 60fps in 4K/Max Settings on an NVIDIA RTX3080

DSOGaming writes: "The Open Beta phase for Call of Duty Vanguard is a go and we went ahead and tested it to see how it runs. We also captured a number of screenshots in 4K/Max Settings. These screenshots will give you an idea of how the beta looks maxed out."

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phoenixwing28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Only 60?

To be clear I have nothing against 60fps gaming but you'd expect a 3080 to get higher performance

john228d ago

Most of the time it's above 70fps but there are some drops in some specific areas to 65fps.

phoenixwing28d ago

I know it's a beta but cod betas are basically the final game minus some minor tweaking so I feel it should be doing better. If this is an indicator of things to come the 4000 series or even 5000 from nvidia might be more preferable than buying a card atm

NovusTerminus28d ago

Maxed out includes ray tracing, which just hits performance hard no matter what, also consoles tend to use upscaling tricks to get into 4k.

Natural 4k with raytracing is hard, and I don't know if these tests used any DLSS to help the framerate (normally MAX settings excludes DLSS) so by using that you could get a big uplift in performance.

phoenixwing28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

This all goes back to ray tracing being too much of a performance hog for my taste. I think we are one gen too early with it. I own a 2070 super because it's a good card not really for the ray tracing per se though. Gonna hold onto my card for awhile. I game at 2k and that's enough for my small monitor. I think I'm starting to get too old all the stuff kids today want feel like marketing instead of real game changers to me. 4k is overrated and ray tracing destroys fps. The only thing I've actually liked was the hdr being added to games.

NovusTerminus28d ago


I'm also in 2k as well, and while I think RTX is not fully worth the cost of performance yet, but all good things take time and the reflections and shadows of Ray Tracing are absolutely amazing. I think it's better to introduce it now to build up to when it will inevitably become the normal within a few more years because without using Ray Tracing these RTX cards are pumping out some serious performance.

Sarcasm28d ago

This game doesn't have any Ray Tracing or DLSS, so tests are purely conventional

MecheSlays27d ago

Raytracing isn't in the beta. So no not including ray tracing. its pretty unoptimized i feel like.

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GoodGuy0928d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Well it is at native 4k and max visuals. Itd be 30fps with raytracing which I dont think the beta has. These kinds of visuals require tons of power. This is pretty much the norm for the 3080 for modern AAA gaming. High framerate gaming is usually played at 1080 or 1440. Im afraid 4k max visuals at 100+fps gaming is still too early unless you turned the visuals to completely low which in most games can look atrocious.

I myself game at 1440 at 60-144fps high to max which imo is the best if you want both visual and performance gaming. I have a 3070.

ProjectVulcan28d ago

Then you realise to get 120Hz on Warzone PS5 runs the game best case scenario 1/3 the resolution of what you see here, native 4K.

CaptainHenry91628d ago (Edited 28d ago )

"Native" 4K 60 fps in max settings is actually impressive. Not dynamic 4K

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Duke1928d ago

I feel like the internet doesn’t realize how computationally demanding native 4k can be

onisama27d ago

But the game is terrible including the graphics