Disney and Capcom Have 'Begun Discussions' Regarding a Possible Return of Marvel vs Capcom 2

The PlayStation Brahs:

"YouTube Maximilian Dood’s ‘#FREEMVC2’ campaign went big time viral as it spread like wildfire on social media. The goal? To get the attention of Disney and Capcom to bring back the greatness of Marvel vs Capcom 2 to modern consoles. Good news, as Capcom and Disney have had some discussions regarding the matter."

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phoenixwing35d ago

Please work it out. I have fond memories of this fighter game. Not to mention the sequels just aren't as balanced as this game was.

Absonite34d ago

Balance? MvC2?! It was totally batshit unbalanced, but that's what made it fun.

sourOG34d ago

I laughed hard at balance lol. It is completely f***ing broken. Balance isn’t what people are looking for. Mk11 was the most balanced MK ever and the overall consensus was “restrictive and boring”.

PurpHerbison34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

For the noobs and average players it can be seen as balanced but at the highest competitive level it is absolutely broken. There was a ratio mod released recently that is actually pretty interesting and allows way more of the cast to see some play.

RedDevils34d ago

You can always balance my bank account.

Teflon0234d ago

No one cares about balance in MvC2. Games all about being unbalanced lol. If it was, it likely wouldn't be good

Lexreborn234d ago

MvC2 is so unbalanced pros make special brackets to limit the amount of clone teams this game has at high levels. Even now Justin Wong and others have only been playing with the character cost format to make it interesting.

CrimsonWing6934d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Did you ever play as Cable or play someone else who was using Cable? This is an incredibly unbalanced game and honestly some of the most fun is making a redonkulous team and just clapping cheeks.

KwietStorm_BLM33d ago

Balanced... Storm, Sentinel and Magneto breathe a sigh of relief.

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Yi-Long35d ago

I really enjoyed the game on Dreamcast.

A lot less when it was later re-released on newer systems, because I believe all characters were already unlocked instead of you playing to unlock them. The SP experience on those re-releases was just ‘less’ than the Dreamcast version, which was a bit disappointing.

Would love a proper HD remake/remaster, if given the care & love it deserves (instead of a quick cash-grab with a mediocre port).

Would also love to see Capcom release a FullHD port/renaster/remake of Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (psp).

Teflon0234d ago

Seeing the Alpha games storyline is being promoted in SFV, with all the mainline titles, it really should get one

WiiU-Dude34d ago

I'm very interested in this.

Vandamme2134d ago

Why not just make a new game

CrimsonWing6934d ago

Well, they uh… tried that already and…

BlaqMagiq134d ago

They did. And it was extremely mediocre.

PurpHerbison32d ago

Not sure what you mean though. Marvel 3 was pretty damn good and Marvel Infinite was too. Infinite just suffered from poor graphics but the gameplay and netcode was actually pretty solid.

FallenAngel198434d ago

I want them to rerelease the entire Marvel vs Capcom series on modern platforms, from X:Men Children of the Atom to Marvel vs Capcom 2

I’d also love for the next Marvel vs Capcom title to live up to its series legacy rather than being a disappointment like Infinite

CosmicTurtle34d ago

I said the same thing without seeing your comment. X-Men vs Street Fighter and MSH were stunning games. They look great to this day.

I did not mind MvC3 and ultimate but the last entry was dire.

Godmars29034d ago

And I want them to go back to 2D - know THAT'S not happening!

Nice compromise would be something stylized towards what Guilty Gear does than their own attempts at 3D.

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