Deathloop PC vs PS5, Optimised Settings, Performance Testing + More

Digital Foundry : Arkane's Deathloop is an extremely impressive game on PS5 - but what's the score with PC? Alex Battaglia stacks up the PC version against the console game, generates optimized settings, talks about the so-called 'micro stutter' issues and essentially tells you everything you need to know.

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ecchiless74d ago

wait..... i was sure the guy gonna stop doing this kind of comparisons, between pc and consoles oh wait is the alex guy, who im kidding he gonna do it only with ps and not xbox.

BrettAwesome73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Yeah...especially because this game only released on those two platforms. Dumbass.

PS: you sound like Niko Bellic 😂

ecchiless73d ago

wow really? they did a comparison between pc and series x with fly simulator? i wait.... darn retard.