Play it on easy -- how lowering the difficulty got me back into games

Just play games on easy mode if you want to. No one really needs to "git gud."

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lelo2play27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

No harm in that, some just like to enjoy a game and have fun, even if it means playing it on easy. A person is free to play a game any way he wants.

People that complain about easy mode don't really know how to have fun playing games.

TheDoomedGuy27d ago

Huh....right so i guess youre under the impression that people don't have fun playing on hard?

For the last time.... Dark souls is a peice of cake the first run. Especially if you use the signs to call for help.

Yui_Suzumiya27d ago

I couldn't even get through the tutorial for the PS3 version of Demons Souls, lol

bouzebbal27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Games have never been this easy .. I can’t enjoy a game if there is no challenge..

Double_O_Revan27d ago

That's not what he said at all. And this is a perfect example of people taking things out of context and getting offended.

If you want to play a game on hard, or in your example, a game that is simply Hard. Great! Go for it! Have fun and enjoy. But if someone wants to play a game on Easy just for enjoyment, it shouldn't trigger anger and rage in the community because 'it's not challenging, what's the point?'

TheDoomedGuy27d ago


And yours is a perfect example of the same since I'm not offended but you claim i's almost as if the people who support easy mode don't really hear the concern from the other side.

I think we can all agree that a difficulty that's about simply more up and hitting harder is somewhat boring.

The concern is that if the devs focus on an easy mode where they otherwise wouldn't this could dumb down the games mechanics or even AI...bosses in souls games have a rythym...if you don't dodge right you get hit. It doesn't matter the difficulty. Therefore if devs start to cater to the lowest denominator it is entirely possible that bosses and enemies would be dumbed down and higher difficulties would simply have more hp or deal more damage but just as easily avoided since easy mode people would need enemies and bosses to do less attacks and be more intuitive

J-DARKnes26d ago

I fully agree, played demon's souls for the first time on ps5 and It wasn't as hard as people made it out to be, even got the platinum. However if people want to play games on easy that's their choice too.

LordoftheCritics26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Lol not what he said.

Dark Souls fans are so damn butthurt about people just wanting a game for interactivity.

Not every game should need my full focus for every boring blade swing and block. If I want a full focused challenge with an adrenaline rush, I have my competitive shooters for that. I bet lots of Dark Souls players would get headshotted every few feet but I'm not going to pull them down to bring myself up just the way you do with your bullshit '''piece of cake'' comment.

''Therefore if devs start to cater to the lowest denominator it is entirely possible that bosses and enemies would be dumbed down and higher difficulties would simply have more hp or deal more damage but just as easily avoided since easy mode people would need enemies and bosses to do less attacks and be more intuitive''

Just reverse that. Keep the game as it is for the normal way. Reduce hit dmg, hp etc etc for a kind of story mode. Though I personally dont care if the souls games never get an east mode. Its kinda simple, if the games not for me I dont buy it. Dark Souls was the first game I actually gave away within the first few hours.

Gamer7526d ago (Edited 26d ago )

So you talk about letting the devs do their thing but you don't want them to do just that as you don't want their games to have options for those who struggle with the hard difficulty settings

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Inverno27d ago

I think you could say the same of those who complain about Soulsborne. I think most just get defensive because it's always an attack in hard coming from these sites and never about how a harder difficulty is integral to the overall experience of a game. I will always say though that difficulty options in the majority of games are horribly balanced out

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neutralgamer199227d ago

I play games on easy with family and work is so hard to have any time I just want to enjoy whatever little time I get to play the games.


That's why they have other difficulty options you can play on normal or hard why is that so hard to understand not every gamer plays the game for the same reason. If you and me both paid $60 for a game we both have a right to play the game the way we want you could play on hard for the challenge I can play on story mode just to enjoy the story the characters in the world

And I'm not talking about souls like games those games don't have any difficulty and that's the way the developers have designed them what vast majority of the developers nowadays include accessibility options which is great

I never understood gamers who say game should not have easy options or cheat modes or how does my experience of playing a game affect your experience I just don't get back and I'm talking about single player offline games. Me playing on easy does not affect your gaming experience at all

TheDoomedGuy27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Well how about letting each game dev do their thing and stop demanding easy modes for everything.

You dont see souls fans demanding hard modes. There's only one group pushing their ideas on others here.

neutralgamer199227d ago


Absolutely right most devs include it anyway because they want the games to sell.

neutralgamer199227d ago

Don't understand the hate for more options. You can still play on hard most games that include difficulty options include hard and unlockable ultra hard

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slowgamer27d ago

Most games just make enemies more bullet/sword sponges playing on hard and most games are not good enough to actually enjoy that. I play on normal usually but I do like the option if you can change difficulty any time if game is starting to feel too annoying or too easy.

TheDoomedGuy27d ago

I fidn that most games make normal ridiculously easy and that hard is actually the normal difficulty.

Games used to at least challenge you a little. So if normal doesn't challenge you at all then the new normal is one step higher.

slowgamer27d ago

I've beaten dark souls games and sekiro so I'm familiar with a challenge but I don't need every game to be teeth shattering curse festival. =D

Seraphim26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

I wouldn't say most but more and more these days are doing just that, making normal too easy.

I agree with slowgamer in that often the HP pools the higher difficulty brings just isn't fun....
I've been playing almost nothing but RPGs this year and I would like to add that some games just aren't balanced for poop on hard; even with some grinding. Though, in some games those higher tiers are meant to played later on. For instance Diablo 3 & it's, what, 20+ tiers of Grand Master difficulties. You'll spend 30 minutes on each enemy if you bump it up to Grand Master early on. However as you progress through the game it becomes easy and adjusting the difficulty is required, imo. With some games it becomes a matter of wasting too much time when trying to play a higher difficulty. Like others have said, when a game it too easy it becomes boring.

Personally any game that had an option I'd play on Normal in the past. Now, the past 2-3 generations, I tend to lean toward Hard, though, there are instances I just want to get through a game so end up playing on normal or a combo of normal/hard long as it won't affect trophies.

TheDoomedGuy26d ago

That's the funny thing. I don't find them to be hard. Not even close.

Hard is a one death and you start over. Hard are old style games where one or 2 hits would be enough to die. Hard are the old ninja gardens.

Souls games are rythym games mainly. You can look up guides, cheeses and even use 1 or 2 players to help you out. The souls game boss ai isn't very good when facing multiple players. You can just deaggro and aggro again and again.

The reason they got popular is because of the different playstyles and gameplay. And then they got tons of attention over the supposed difficulty. But that's only because so many decided to paly the game like it's ninja gaiden or something.

I find many other games harder when you up the difficulty.

slowgamer26d ago

I found that Sekiros last boss was an total a-hole like I haven't hated a boss more in a long time.

LordoftheCritics26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Dark Souls is just another points based hp/bullet sponge thingy.

People just think its not. That's the illusion of video games. If you hack the game, you can run through it in a few minutes and see how tiny the area is. Just filled out with slowness and high difficulty. Empty husk.

I felt Jedi Fallen order was the best souls like game. Full fledged story, badass cutscenes, great score, numerous areas, worthy of my time and attention.

mkis00727d ago

Ya not really a fan of :"more damage, less damage" difficulty. It ruins the speed of the game if I have to watch a healthbar drop slower on a higher difficulty just to get good ai. It's why I like LEthal difficulty on Ghost of Tsushima.

Zarock27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Or yet a better solution download a trainer and remove an annoying aspect of a game and keep the challenge.

Like exp multiplier, cash multiplier to avoid the mind numbing grind.

mkis00726d ago

I found when I did that I couldn't hold back from using all the goodies. No self control.

rockwhynot27d ago

I try to ball out and beat a games on max difficulty for my first play through usually. It takes me several months to beat games because of this choice. DOOM 2016 was not the right game to try that with. That game was totally supposed to be played on normal difficulty for the first time imo. Playing it on max difficulty for the first time made it a way less exhilarating experience.

FinalFantasyFanatic27d ago

Definitely don't try that with Doom Eternal, I ploughed through 2016 on normal difficulty like it was nothing, I couldn't do the same on Eternal, that game kicked my ass so many times until I got near the end where I had enough upgrades.

LordoftheCritics26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Loved Doom Eternal. Normal mode last two bosses were trippy. Felt like a million mobs on screen. At the end I was shaking.

I would even play it on Hard if it released that way. But I'm glad it scales up and down and everyone gets to feel badass and enjoy its pretty world all the way to the finale.

FinalFantasyFanatic25d ago


I'm not sure if it's just me getting good at the game or because I have so many upgrades by that point, but I didn't find the final boss too hard, I was in a nice rhythm where I was almost un-killable. I was more frustrated because I only had one weak point left to destroy and it took me ages to find it, but I enjoyed the intensity of those last couple of fights.

jBlakeeper27d ago

DOOM is pretty tough I’ll agree. I’ve been playing DOOM Eternal and it took me a while to get used to it. Now it’s just so exhilarating to play IMO.

TheDoomedGuy26d ago gotta get a strategy down for each enemy and just swap between the necessary guns to finish them off quick.

I didn't like it but later it grew on me.

FinalFantasyFanatic25d ago (Edited 25d ago )

At first it feels a bit like a clusterf**k with all the new mechanics in Eternal and at first it overwhelms your ability to juggle/manage all those mechanics at once, especially when they throw multiple enemy types at you, but it makes the fights so intense it's addictive despite the difficulty.

AmUnRa27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I agree, i play my games the first time on normal. Al lot of "gamers" that are saying i play all my games on hard is i believe to boasting theyr ego and looking down on "casual" gamers that dont do that. When i play my games on normal i can learn the game mechanics better and enjoy my games more for the first time. When i like the game i try it then on hard and have a good foundation how the game works. Then you are not so fustrated when you cant win from a boss cous you know the game mechanics to defeat that little, bastard 😋

Nakiro27d ago

I've actually found the harder modes better for learning the game mechanics. God of War games really push your knowledge of mechanics because what you could button mash through before you suddenly can't. You have to choose proper weapons for the proper situation.

AmUnRa27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I disagree. When you play your games direct in hard, then you have no motivation to play the game again, cous you played it already in hard mode. Why play it again then?, When you play it first in normal, you learn to know what weapons are the best to use in the situation you encounter. When you are a button masher you learn thats not the way you can win in situations, cous you wil die to many times, and that is very fustrating and you dont enjoy the game..
.Its like a learning curve.
Its like driving a racing car. When you are starting racing and get from the start in a F1 car you crash and burn instantly. First learn to drive in a lower class. A slower learning curve is always better. Thats also the way when you play games.
Start in a mode you feel you can play the game without stress and fustration, then try the hard mode....

Michiel198927d ago

@amunra but most of the time you arent forced to try out anything new because its on normal and you can just button mash through everything. Also dying does not equal stress and frustration for me at least, it just makes me think more about the game and its mechanics.

your methaphor with the f1 car doesnt make sense, cause most games with only some form of progression dont give you the best stuff at the start. maybe a slower learning curve is better for you, certainly not for everyone.

Nakiro27d ago

Most game unlock a hardest difficulty once you play though it once. I'm also not saying you have to start the game on hard, normal mode will ease you into the game but it will not teach you high level mechanics because that's not what it's there for. People that play the game only on normal most likely aren't looking to master the game anyways.

"When you play it first in normal, you learn to know what weapons are the best to use in the situation you encounter."
You completely missed my point. You DON'T learn what not to do on normal mode because you CAN button mash through it. Play God of War on normal and then jump into the hardest difficulty and you will immediately realize that you need to learn the game over because normal mode hasn't actually taught you how to use the weapons properly.

All I am saying is that hardest mode will tell you exactly what you're doing wrong and it will teach you how the mechanics actually work and how to leverage them properly. Normal mode will not do this.

FinalFantasyFanatic27d ago

I just play normal because that's what the developers intended for the majority of games, if it's boringly easy, I'll turn up the difficult to account for it.

TheDoomedGuy26d ago

Actually it's more like normal is the devs accessible difficulty for the average gamer. Hard is where the devs show you what they Intended with the mechanics.

rockwhynot27d ago

Playing games on normal initially is a good practice I'm learning. Then bump up the difficulty for the second play through.

TheDoomedGuy26d ago

Harder modes tend to use all the mechanics of a game at a much higher level. It actually forces you to learn to use the mechanics better.

And there is plenty reason to play's not like games only have 3 modes nowadays...there's very hard, and ultra and nightmare etc.

rockwhynot23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

I know but if one doesn't progress through the game at a decent pace an element of coherency for lack of a better word will be lost on the player. It's like walking through a museum at a normal pace and seeing everything fairly quick. It will leave one with a certain feeling vs taking the time to analyze all the beauty, detail and context of each piece. I think both experiences should be combined in order to grasp the full picture so to speak.

I think games should unlock the ultra-maximum difficulty mode after beating the game once on any difficulty setting.

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