Why Chrono Cross Deserves A Remaster

The time-warping RPG Chrono Cross has a lot of charm on the original PlayStation, so seeing the lesser-known classic get remastered could be big.

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porkChop28d ago

I remember people talking a lot of shit about this game but I thought it was great. I get that it was different from Trigger, but that doesn't mean it wasn't great in its own right.

camel_toad28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I remember just not being able to get into it. I had so much love for Chrono Trigger that I think my expectations were just completely out of whack when I went to play Chrono Cross.

Just talking about it reminds of the music of Chrono Trigger. Soooo good. Robo's music went straight for your heart.

Nobuo Uematsu is a legend.

Arandora28d ago

The sound track wasn't even made by Nobuo Uematsu lol.

Both Chrono Trigger and Cross OST's were made by Yasunori Mitsuda.

CDbiggen28d ago

Same, I've tried twice to get through it but just always lose interest before the end.

camel_toad28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

@ arandora

Nobuo had a hand it though. It's like when Stephen Speilberg assisted Tobe Hooper with Poltergeist. You know it wouldn't have been nearly as good without Speilberg's help. Even your average person thinks Speilberg directed it.

Not to knock Yasunori but the same goes for Nobuo assisting him with Chrono Trigger's OST.

CrimsonWing6928d ago

I can’t find anywhere that Nobuo Uematsu worked on the Chrono Cross soundtrack. Can you send me a link to where you got that info?

crxss28d ago Show
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DarthMarvin28d ago

I wish that Square would have hired that dude who showed off his Chrono Trigger 3D remake instead of being c*nts by shutting him down and killing the project.

Knightofelemia28d ago

Either a new game in the franchise or a remake or even a reboot and then sell all three games as a collectors pack or anniversary pack. Hell I also think Xenogears needs some love Vagrant Story Saga Frontier a lot of great old games also need love.

spwittbold28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Fuck all this remaster shit. Make a new Chrono game.

CrimsonWing6928d ago

Welcome to the game Industry of now. Back in the day there were barely any remasters. We used to get sequels. Final Fantasy didn’t make it to 15 with remasters back then. Now, it’s them using remasters to gauge interest and even then they usually don’t make a sequel if it’s old games like this.