Here's Why Gran Turismo 7 Campaign Mode Requires Internet Connection

As PushSquare first reported last week, Polyphony Digital's next racing simulator Gran Turismo 7 will require a constant internet connection when playing the campaign mode. This means you won't be able to compete in races should the plug be pulled, and now the developer has explained why that is in a new interview. It's essentially designed to prevent cheating and save data manipulation.

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Orchard29d ago

This feels like reducing the functionality of the game / screwing consumers because PD can't secure their game and/or Sony can't secure their platform.

Why is this only a problem in GT? I don't see save modification being done on other games, and modifying save data is pretty hard on modern consoles. And why does Forza not have this issue? smh.

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ColtPSSX29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

I have game pass and that isn’t always the case.
I was moving and disconnected from the internet for 2-5 days (Most likely 2-3 days really) and it wouldn’t let me access the games I downloaded :)
I believe it was suppose to be 30 days but that wasn’t the case.
So I had to reconnect.

All I’m saying is. 95% of the time, this wouldn’t be an issue.

Orchard29d ago

Weird - pre-pandemic I used to take my PS4 or X1X with me on business trips and never once had issues launching game pass, XBL gold or PS+ games (don’t have PSNow so can’t confirm there).

Anyway, unless I’m playing an online game/game mode or one which needs a web service - I shouldn’t need internet.

SullysCigar28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

@Orchard, you must have missed the duplicate article that's already live, when you approved this:

This article literally paraphrases that text, just for the sake of a new, less than page-long, article:

" avoid people from modifying and cheating with the save data for the game,” Yamauchi explained. “Another aspect is for the liveries. Livery data is downloaded from the servers even when you’re playing offline. So, an online connection is something that is needed pretty much throughout the game. One part of the game that doesn’t require any online connection is the Arcade Mode, because there’s no interaction with the save data and there are no liveries involved, so it doesn’t require a network connection to do that.”

Edit: wait, you can't have missed that article, as you approved that too...strange. Anyways, happy to help out.

Orchard28d ago

I did read them both - doesn’t justify it IMO. That all sounds pretty optional and unnecessary to me.

Cheating via save games? So why isn’t every PS5 game always online? Why isn’t Forza always online?

As for liveries - why do I need to connect to the internet? Why can’t I use my offline saved ones or preset ones?

It screams laziness on the developers part - these are solvable problems which other games have been solving for years.

darkrider28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

He wont stop. Next will try to approve another windows central news saying crap about the ps5. It's crazy the amount of time he wastes tryng to find something bad to say about the ps5. The interview of gt was great and full of cool news about the game, but in every single news approved about gt he and the other dude try to say crap about the game. From rt, to connection. Even if all of that is much worse on the other team.

jukins28d ago

Why do i need to connect to to play deathloop? Why why why? Funniest part is youre on here commenting 10000 times a day but just wanna cry about something.

Orchard28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

@darkrider If you have problems with articles I approve you should contact the website and ask them to change the rules or flag the article - I only approve articles which falls within the rules. Similarly, you are also able to become a contributor and approve articles.

@jukins Deathloop is playable offline - I did this not even a day ago. It just means you play against AI assassins.

Knushwood Butt28d ago

For liveries it's because they want the control to remove adult/copyright infringement/whatever. They need to be able to control that. It's to protect the business.

It has nothing to do with 'laziness'.

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Extermin8or3_28d ago

It's an issue for gt7 because of the fia licensing. It historically was a problem with gt5 and I believe gt6 where people worked out how to edit their save files to give them cars and modifications and such on the cars that they had not earned and in some instances shouldn't have been able to have on this car models. Now usually that's just a matter of cheating but with the FIA licensing for the exports side of things it becomes more serious and I expect the online only aspect is their way of protecting against it.

dumahim28d ago

That sounds like an issue with protecting the save files more than anything. Maybe I've just never heard of it, but I've never heard of anyone modifying a save file for Forza to get stuff they shouldn't have. I have seen plenty of in-game steps to get things easy that was never intended (I remember specifically something in FM4 about the houses and getting free super spins).

CaptainHenry91628d ago (Edited 28d ago )

This is the definition of stealth trolling. You didn't hold back 😁😁😂

SenorFartCushion28d ago


Because you’re judging this as though everyone that has a bad word to say automatically has an Xbox or is a fanboy of another company, which is paranoid and weird

jukins28d ago

No not because he said something "bad" but theres a documented history of such efforts. Most people at least click the profile check comments before labeling a fanboy.

Aphelion8228d ago (Edited 28d ago )

It is an issue on other games too. It is rampant on Forza. There are numerous save editors and YouTube videos available online on how to cheat in Forza. Microsoft just doesn't care about fairness and quality of gamer experience or they would have done something to stop the cheating. Here is an example.

dumahim28d ago

Would that even be a thing if Forza wasn't on PC? The first link doesn't immediately say anything about it being for PC or not, and the video I skimmed looks like it's running the game on PC.

D3TH_D33LR28d ago

Lmao it is a problem in those games and the leaderboards easily show that. GT is a very competitive game. Glad to see a developer take those accomplishments seriously especially since they design a lot of contests with leaderboards as a measure.

neutralgamer199228d ago

So much fake rage from people who don't even intend to buy a PlayStation or any of the games yet they are so mad about this news

alb189928d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I really don'tcare if all games needs internet connection. But hey everyone has his needs.

iivGHOST28d ago

@Orchard Fm7 definitely had this issue

kayoss28d ago

Actually, PS4 you can alter your savedata. It works for GT games, some final fantasy games, etc...

Vames28d ago

Most of those who debating here are probably children or neckbeards. And I make no apology for saying this.

The fact that some of them cannot tell the difference between Sea of Thieves, and GT7 really boggles the mind. One is an online multiplayer game while the other has both online and singleplayer components. Thus meaning, Sea of Thieves being always online makes sense 100 percent. But the same cannot be said for GT7.

When you have a love affair with a console and a company, it blinds your judgment to the point where you'll accept their bullshit as gospel. I remember when Microsoft announced the Xbox One to be always online and most people complained. It forced the company to backtrack.

Here we have die-hard Sony fans who were likely against what Microsoft did, now supporting always online for playing a single-player campaign. These gentlemen have balls the size of a mustard seed if they cannot summon the courage to speak out against their favorite company.

Knushwood Butt27d ago

'Here we have die-hard Sony fans who were likely against what Microsoft did'

Against them when they announced always online, or against them when they reversed the decision?

VariantAEC28d ago

Agreed what PD are doing is totally unacceptable.
They must make an offline save game and a separate online progression save game.

I accepted GT Sport's online only component but I will skip GT7 for the first time in the franchises history. I'm still looking forward to pick up FH5.
I can't believe this is happening myself.

Delay the game and make two saves if you want to prevent cheating. Don't f••• us offline gamers.

dbcoops28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I don't feel like its screwing me over at all in fact it sounds like its doing the exact opposite.

Why is it as soon as Sony requires an online connection for something all of a sudden people want to pretend like they're not already connected twenty four seven to the internet anyway? smh

"Once you’ve downloaded your game pass game,"

Ok so an internet connection IS REQUIRED, ok got it. Seems MS can't figure out a way to get games to people without requiring that filthy internet connection, feels like reducing functionality and screwing consumers.

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Destiny108029d ago

you can play the arcade mode completely offline, everything else is online due to cheaters being able to manipulate the track times by editing the saved files, which cant be done if there always online

Orchard29d ago

Why are save files not encrypted like they are for every other game / console?

Players are inconvenienced because a developer is lazy.

Ron_Danger28d ago

You’re right. They should encrypt their save files so they don’t look like lazy devs. I’d hate to play an online racing game where people could, say change their save to give them unlimited credits and max out their level…. Just like what you can do in Forza Horizon 4:

Extermin8or3_28d ago

The online only to prevent cheating by editing game saves is a requirement for the fia licensing.

SurgicalMenace28d ago

So, DON'T BUY THE GAME. There's nothing lazy about a developer developing a control that disallows file modification. When is your offline game coming out? Will it be as heralded as GT7?

Never seen so many people without the talent to develop talking as though they can. Just play the game or don't, dude. All this whining has to come to an end as it's not adding anything to the community but annoyance. Has it changed anything?

jukins28d ago

So since "every other" game does it one way gt7 must do it that way. Lol get over yourself. Funny how you can manage to find an internet connection to troll 24/7 but its an issue when you have to have a console connected to said internet. . . Make it make sense.

Aphelion8228d ago (Edited 28d ago )

They ARE encrypted but hackers always find ways to decrypt and edit them. There are YouTube videos on how to decrypt PS4 save files and there are dedicated save editors being sold to implement any cheats you want on a save file then put it back on PS4. Xbox save files can be edited just as easily. The difference is that Sony cares and Microsoft doesn't.

D3TH_D33LR28d ago

Lmao you’re gonna need better bait

NeoGamer23228d ago

This is not really about encryption. Even if a file is encrypted you can still access the file, work to decrypt it (hackers provide tools to decrypt decrypted files all the time), and replace it with a modded file. By tracking everything on a server, you have to hack the server and modify the data in the servers which is next to impossible if the developer does things right.

Developers aren't lazy on this, they are just using the best practice in ensuring data cannot be modded outside the system.

kayoss28d ago

Everything in this world that is digital is encrypted. But that didnt stop people from hacking it. Savedata is just a file, a very simple file that can be decrypted easily.

Orchard28d ago

@Ron_Danger Totally different situation. PC is the wild west, you can run unsigned software. GT7 is only on PlayStation consoles (as far as we know), you can't just write a cheat program or easily reverse engineer for PS because you'd need to be a registered PS developer, and even then games are sandboxed / running in a VM and cannot access storage or memory etc. outside of the game VM.

You could say 'well people could copy their save game to USB and connect that to a PC" but even that is a solved problem - Sony could've used the filesystem they use for the HDD. A PC will not detect a PS/Xbox formatted hard drive.

Similarly, if they'd just jump into the 21st century and make cloud saves free already, the USB thing could go away and be a non-issue. No way to get your save game on a PC if it's on Sony's server.

They could also just encrypt the data using a key specific to the PS user - then you'd basically need reverse engineer the PS5 to decrypt the save... that won't happen anytime soon (if ever) and if someone does that they're doing it for piracy/homebrew reasons not save game hacks.

Ron_Danger28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


It’s not different when it’s cross save and cross platform play with PC. Make a cheat save on pc and then transfer it to console.

dbcoops28d ago

No one is inconvenienced you're just trying to make a huge deal out of it for obvious reasons. Because this is how Polyphony chose to deal with it doesn't make them "lazy" so stop with the fake accusations.

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phoenixwing29d ago

Thanks for letting me know there's an arcade mode.

darkrider28d ago

There tons of good news in the interview. Should read. The new weather system should be cool!

jukins28d ago

Darkrider, i hope the weather system applies to sport mode where ill be spending most of my time. Would really add challenge to weekly races where people master the track throughout the week but "random" weather would really change it up.

tombfan28d ago

I'm so over that thing that you think you've made a great time score just to see that everyone else is 0:00:01, I agree this needs to be done.

aaronaton28d ago

All my consoles have been connected to the internet since i bought a Network Adapter for my PS2. Can someone explain to me in the best possible way why 'online only' campaigns are a bad thing?
My only assumption is that this game might not be playable in 15+yrs from now??!!

Smok9128d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Yup then they say they won’t buy the game to which I reply “thank god one less complainer on the server”

SurgicalMenace28d ago

Thank you, it's refreshing to hear someone with reasoning beyond their entitlement. Online is an integral element of gaming in all capacities now. What is being online really messing up for anyone anyway?

Imalwaysright28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Entitlement... the word useless fanboys and corporate apologists use when normal people that don't idolize multi-billion $ companies or pieces of plastic react to crapola such as this. If I'm paying €80 for a game you better damn well believe that I don't want it to become a paperweight in 7 or 8 years and that I don't want to ask permission to access its single player campaign. Dumbasses like you that defend this shit are telling Sony that it is ok for them to do the same with other games and I for one would like to see the look in your faces if they indeed start doing this with games like GoW 2, Spider man 2 or Horizon 2 just so that I can laugh at your stupid faces.

SurgicalMenace28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Dumbass?!?!🤣 Says an individual who can't handle a company that's cemented their position to exercise their power of choice. What's $80? Oh, that must be the cost you believe is needed to validate your opinion, which will ultimately be dismissed overall.

Sony knows what works to maintain a successful hold on the market they thrive in, and it doesn't include catering to child like individuals who think the world revolves around their displeasure. Tantrum much?🤣

At the end of the day, my life has enough forfillment in it that it doesn't revolve around something as menial as entertainment only. Entertainment is a luxury not a necessity. If a company does something I don't agree with, I don't spend my money. I thought we were all adult enough to recognize that everything doesn't have to go our way in life to enjoy it. Accept it or not, the game is online only and no measurement of whining is going to change that.

You are correct about one thing though, I am a supporter of corporations; small, medium, and large. My profession requires it, and likewise being a supporter has placed me in a position to not be concerned about how something that only costs me $70 is governed. To each their own, keep whining or go to Xbox. Either way Sony nor anyone else will even care. Good tidings.🤣

Imalwaysright28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

So your reply is a dumbass response that summed up amounts to: Sony can lock a single player campaign from a game that costs €80 behind a paywall because you'll willingly bendover and offer them your asshole so congratulations... I guess and then for what can only be some dumbass reason, you give me your life story as if I gave a crap about it. Serves me right for expecting better from an useless fanboy.

SurgicalMenace28d ago

Yet another angry online inhabitant disgruntled by real world situations that virtual ones can't remedy. Life story?🤣 Just saying some of us can afford to play without it hindering our mental well-being.

Fanboy? Well given that I own ALL systems and tons of games. I'd say, if anything, I'm in a place that I've at least experienced and invested enough to like/dislike what I please.

Dumbass is such a Neanderthalic insult that those of us who've evolved beyond being awed by fire can't fathom being bothered. Passive aggressive too, what other delightful qualities does your rudimentary existence house? I'm sure all the ladies are just stampeding to get to you. I'll leave you to it. You have fun with that chum, I'm off to buy more games....🤣🤷 27998;‍♂️

Knushwood Butt28d ago

The folks trying to fan the flames of fake outrage really have too much time on their hands. Running round in circles at this point.

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SenorFartCushion28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

158 million people in The US alone are without access to any internet lines. A lot of them probably enjoyed playing Gran Turismo. They can no longer follow the series due to an issue they cannot control.

These games are made to die, which means the experience will be lacking from
Day one compared to previous entries, and all fun and games will be finite due to the short lifespan of online games in general.

Ron_Danger28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

So all those other games on other consoles and on pc that need an internet connection to verify licensing privileges don’t matter to the 158 million people in the “ US alone are without access to any internet lines,” but one game exclusive to PS5/4 is the one that gets you?!

Well I’m sold! Point me in the direction of your personal bridge salesman!

Aphelion8228d ago

You cant possibly play games without any kind of internet connection in the modern age. You need to internet to download firmware updates, patches, content updates, buy content, or do anything at all. People who don't have internet wont be playing on a PS5 or Series X anyway.

spss1128d ago


It's not about the delivery method. Whether a game is installed via disc or internet doesn't matter to me. What many gamers like myself don't like is needing a connection to *play* after it's installed.

Psychotica28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

From what I have read the number is closer to 42 million and a large portion of that are from people who have chosen not to subscribe, not that they couldn't get access to it if they wanted to.

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spss1128d ago (Edited 28d ago )

A couple days ago Xbox core services went down. When I turned on my Xbox One I was unable to login. Not a big deal, I mostly play singleplayer... Then I tried to play Saints Row 1. I couldn't load my save file cause I wasn't logged in. None of my backwards compatible games would load because I wasn't logged in.

How is that acceptable?

And btw I play games that are 15+ years old. Many people do. Just played System Shock 2 recently.

King_Noctis28d ago

15+ years? That is generous. GT6 was released in 2013. The online service was disabled in 2018. That is a whole 5 years of Online service.

VariantAEC28d ago

But I can still play GT6 offline... what about GT7? For that matter what about GTS when PD moves on from that??? Oh right... YOU LOSE YOUR ACCESS TO THOSE TITLES FOREVER!
Sounds like a deal. SMH

Knushwood Butt27d ago

Forza Motorsport came out in 2005. The online was disabled in 2010. That's a whole 5 years of online service.

mikey1527d ago

King_Noctis4h ago
15+ years? That is generous. GT6 was released in 2013. The online service was disabled in 2018. That is a whole 5 years of Online service.

Then Sony released GT Sport and over the 2017 Xmas period,

so many people tried to access the GT Sport SERVERS, that the security firm who oversees PSN since the outage, shut down PSN as they thought they were experiencing a DDoS attack.

You can go out and buy the BACKWARDLY COMPATIBLE for your PS 5 right now, which is under the PS Classics label RE-released @ £15.99 max [no car/ "copyright problem" here with S*O*N*Y!!!, as they will just renew it "for the gamer"], as soon as you boot the game/engine will offer an update and 4 years of FREE

***One of Gran Turismo Sport's main focuses is competitive online racing, supported by the international governing body of motorsport, the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), and serving as the platform for the FIA-Certified Gran Turismo Championships.[1] The game launched with 168 cars and 29 tracks; post-launch game updates have brought the count to 324 cars and 82 track configurations as of December 2019.[2][3][4] The free updates also added a more traditional single-player campaign mode to the game.[5]***

updated INCLUDING a TRADITIONAL Single player campaign, which you need INTERNET ACCESS to get for FREE.

This Xmas is fine for GT fans, new or old.. Now

Forza Motorsport 7 will be delisted after just four years
Existing owners will still be able to play.

News by Ishraq Subhan, Reporter
Updated on 30 July 2021***

about Forza fanboys, what have they got in the non kiddie Arcade racer, which they can't even trial as MS isn't releasing a demo???

5 years baa-aa--a---ddd
4 years gooo-oooo--oood.

Both GT Sport and Forza 7 were released the same MONTH. GT Sport has been delayed until March 2022, where is Forza 8 or even a TRAILER showing it???

Tetsujin28d ago


1. Games are only online as long as their popular, and/or the player base is healthy. Once numbers drop the servers can be turned off which means lost data. Some would argue "if you didn't play the game for X time, then don't complain because you didn't care" when there could be a number of reasons why someone stopped playing something.

2. You're on PD clock/time; not your own. If there's server maintenance, or if your internet connection is limited, that can be a problem especially if you're play time is within the game's downtime.

3. As mentioned before, the game can have separate online and offline modes so stats and saves are separate and cheating is minimal or down to 0. The arguments of double-dipping and excessive grinding will appear, and those who aren't bothered will ignore the whining.

4. For PD to say this is a way to verify data, makes them look bad more than the players directly. As mentioned earlier you're on their clock; so if there's some sort of data breach, or server issues, you're talking potential data loss followed by some half-winded apology.

There's tons of examples of games having separate modes for on/offline, and having the option(s) shows the company understands not everyone wants to play online (or are limited), and even after the game reaches its end of life online, you're still able to enjoy the game offline with minimal issues. The issue here is preserving your memories and hard work, not to validate cheating.

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SurgicalMenace28d ago

People will whine about anything. If you don't like it, don't buy it. It's online because that's what they want it to be. Their game, their rules.🤷🏾‍♂️

SenorFartCushion28d ago

Yeah, definitely not their rules.

SurgicalMenace28d ago

Yeah, definitely are their rules. They set them, we abide by them. So....?

Smok9128d ago

I’m just here for the manplaining :)