Video Game Devs Respond to Xbox One Bombshell

After much confusion and conflicting reports, Microsoft has now provided some clarification on the Xbox One’s features; specifically pertaining to its used game policy, always online, and Kinect. Because some of these details may affect the game development process, developers shared their concerns, enthusiasm, and general thoughts in response. And of course, we had our own discussions at the IGN office:

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greenpowerz1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

It way like they were secretly waiting for somebody to have the balls enough to support what they have been waiting for, for so long. If would be foolish for a company to not follow in this direction. Support would go to the company better protecting financial well being/food on the table.


What do you mean what? LOL

You think those comments sounds angry/hostile/disappointed?

They wan't people to pirate their games?

omi25p1959d ago

I guess what he is saying is developers what the X1 and ps4 to be more like steam. 1 game is 1 player. But there is a little more freedom with it.

Im not at all happy about it but i can understand it.

Microsoft have said they will not charge for u to sell there games. But other publishers might.

Being connected all the time i personally dont think is an issue. How do we know that the X1 wont have some sort of 4G built in. Also they didnt say u have to have gold It might not even need a full connection, might just need to be able to sense a connect

JokesOnYou1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

IGN Executive Editor of Previews -Ryan McCaffrey

"Again, not defending MS, but theyre not afraid to drag people kicking &screaming into the future. Remember XBL being broadband-only in 2002?"

-Yep same will happen with 24hr login= the world is becoming more connected everyday.

Cell phones are another huge example, initially most hated the idea of always being "available", hell sometimes I still do but aint no way on hell Im giving up this Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones are just tooooo convenient.

Ares84HU1959d ago

Greenpowers makes little sence to me.

I guess what he is trying to say is that MS wanted to do rhese things for a long time now and they want companies to support them. MS is implementing these "functions" like the 24h check in and the used game plolicy to make more money.

I think it's total bullshit though. When you buy something it's yours and you should be able to do with it what you like. Who in their right mind would buy a used game for XB1 if you have to pay the publisher to play it. It's like buying a used car and than paying a few more thousand $ to Audi/BMW/Mazda or any other car manufacturer. To me it looks like that they are trying to take away ownership of games and what you get basically is a license to play a certain game. Also, after you purchased your game and played it for a week the price will drop below a frogs ass. You think that Gapestop is ripping you off now?? Next gen expect to get below $10 for a used game that is about a week old.

Also, I'm noticing that as time goes on more and more people start loving the XB1 and deffend all the bullshit MS is trying to force on us for some reason.

Godmars2901959d ago

""Remember XBL being broadband-only in 2002?""

And the thing about that at the time was that it could be completely ignored. It was a benefit when used, but with the first Xbox you could never use it and overall nothing would change.

You could at least play damn games.

YNWA961958d ago

@ares84, any software you buy, physical or digital, theres an Eula of some sort. On consoles you get them in firmware updates. On Pc's you get them when installing. With console gaming, places like gamestop took trading to the extreme, where a game could get traded many multiple times where it really hurt developers and publishers. Its always been a case of only owning a license to play the game, movie and music... Its only now they have the technology to do something about it.... Tis the future of things... Sony will follow suit....

fr0sty1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

People are saying they'd be shocked if PS4 didn't have very similar or the same policies, after Sony has repeatedly said it will not require a connection at all and won't restrict used games unless the publisher decides to do it. MS is doing it at the system level, limiting the number of times you can loan a game to a friend (and requiring that friend to have been on your XBL friends list for at least one month) and requiring a constant connection at least once per day.

There is nothing similar about the policies of the two companies regarding console DRM. Sony doesn't limit how many times you can sell a game, or where it can be sold. It doesn't mandate installs that are tied to your PSN account. It doesn't require a connection at all.

Machiavellian1958d ago

Sony said the console does not require an internet connection but its up to publishers if they want to implement online checks. People need to read carefully exactly what Sony said and did not say.

If its up to the publishers then it sounds exactly what MS has done without being coy about it.

Also MS has stated that MS game studios will allow games to be resold, gifted and traded so at least everyone knows how MS games will go on the console.

Right now, we know nothing how Sony will implement this "Publishers DRM" since they have not stated anything.

justastranger101957d ago

Notice how none of the developers or publishers are talking bad about it. They love this policy. The result is more games on X1. I would bet my house on it.

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HammadTheBeast1959d ago

People don't pirate anyways on PS3/360 (not much anyways) so it kind of defeats that argument.

Ju1959d ago

Yeah? Where is that PS3 cheat mode? 360...I don't know, actually.

theoneb1959d ago

Lol what? You are terribly misinformed. PS3? No because of the firmware updates and the price of blu ray burners. But 360 most definitely. Ive bee to iraq and not all of the country is a war zone. I visited a mall that looks like something in any American city they had tvs and consoles for sale in what looked like the iraq version of best buy. This wasn't a bootleg store yet in 3rd world countries there is no such thing as legit 360 games they are all bootleg. There were legit ps3 games in this store as well.

Dee_911959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

lmao @Ryan McCaffrey
"Again, not defending MS, but theyre not afraid to drag people kicking &screaming into the future. Remember XBL being broadband-only in 2002?"
Like gaming is better now than when it was back then.Yea the games are arguably better, but this DLC,DRM generation is NOTHING to brag about sir.The ONLY positive coming from these restrictions are the game library were you can play any of your games on any xbox with your account without needing the disc (not to mention all of the restrictions with that), and thats a tiny positive on its own, but compared to all the negative its a microscopic positive.

greenpowerz is one of the men playing the violin as the titanic sink.I salute your dedication young man
@theoneb Those firmwares does can still play online with a jailbroke ps3 weeks at most after a new firmware.However sony does a great job banning those accounts though.

KillerPwned1959d ago

Go to any torrent site and you will see huge collections of PS3 and 360 games up for download.

Ju1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

^^ True. And you can do absolutely nothing with those. At least with PS3 isos. Burn 'em onto a BD and hang 'em to the wall. Because that's all they are good for.

theoneb1959d ago

@Dmarc my point isn't that piracy doesnt exist on ps3 its that its a heck of alot worse on 360. You didnt read the words where I said the whole country was pirated lol? I didn't own one but American soldiers purchaed thousands of bootleg games during the Iraq war. If I was MS I would be trying to do something to prevent that as well but the 24hr checkin isn't the answer hell ISPs aren't reliable enough for that. Plus what if I dont pay my cable bill :(

IcicleTrepan1959d ago

A simple search revealed that the PS3 is indeed quite hackable so for all those comments above mine that say it isn't, you are completely full of it. It's as hackable as the PSP. Just get a custom firmware on there. You don't even need a mod chip. I don't know who you're trying to fool by saying nobody is playing pirated games on PS3 or it's not hackable. It's been jailbroken for years.

Realplaya1959d ago

Actually my buddy hacked his ps3 he just never connected it online and didn't install any new firmware updates. all his games were burned on a hard drive. His UI looked like a library with the game on shelves. So to all the people who think the PS3 can't be hacked. If people have time to hack banks then they can do it to consoles.

Corpser1959d ago

Google "ps3 cfw", all you need to do is install a hacked custom firmware, and you can play all these games you see on torrents. But you can't play online

badkolo1959d ago

are you on crack, everyone is pirating 360 games, dont act like they dont. this will stop pirates yet let you do all you did before, it even has advantages, your privacy is out the door already brothers and sisters, they announced today the gov has all our phone records all our ip records so we are tracked and traced already beyond what you can imagine, so stop trying to make it seem xbox one is doing something new, its not, they are protecting their games many like to steal and not pay for, deal with it. xbox 1 rules

AutoCad1958d ago

lol 100+ 360 games here..
as for ps4 if you are past a certain fw you cant,but trust me ppl do pirate on ps4.

GDDR6_20141958d ago

The last of us is already on torrent sites

Rivitur1958d ago

ISO...Xlink Kai...Jtag FTW

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ThatCanadianGuy5141959d ago

Mods please read that link, and look through Greens comment history.He's the living definition.

Narutone661959d ago

For all I know, he's not the only one. Could be the same person with multiple accounts. It's so obvious that it's not funny anymore.

Testfire1959d ago

Haha, you might be right. I do see these guys/gals all over the internet.

Qrphe1959d ago

The fact he sides with the company and against the consumer proves you right.

kneon1959d ago

But he's so bad at it I can't believe anyone would actually pay him

hesido1958d ago

I *hope* he is getting paid and not just a fanboy. If he's a fanboy and not getting paid, I'm genuinely sorry for him.

Jazz41081958d ago

If greens a viral marketer then the mods need to look at 70 percent of the sony loving accounts. They even call sony a god.

FFXI1011958d ago

Off the topic, didn't Samsung got caught doing that a while ago? I think it was at Taiwan.

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Anon19741959d ago

"Support would go to the company better protecting financial well being/food on the table."

But if this blows up in their face and sales of another console take off as a result while the Xbox One falters, where do you think developers are going to throw their support? There's a line between protecting your interests and pissing off your market that not all developers are willing to tread.

Already in this article we're seeing these decisions being met with skepticism from devs and the gaming media.

Omegasyde1959d ago

I agree completely. Its a catch 22.

If the Ps4 sells more because this, publishers will have no choice to focus on it. Also Xbox, states they are leaving the "choice" up to the publisher....This makes no sense since Xbox had a mandatory 24-hr check in!

On the other hand, if publishers like this agreement as it increases revenue(lesss used games), why make games for the ps4 if people can still play used game.

Honestly, I don't see Sony going this route but instead keep using what has been working so far.... Online Passes.

If a game is singleplayer only however whats the point of the the passes?

kneon1959d ago

It's not the DRM that Microsoft is leaving up to the publishers, it's whether you can transfer or sell your license. The DRM is there whether or not they want it.

N4g_null1958d ago

This could mean a total boycott and their doors closing.

Jockamo1958d ago

I believe the publishers put MS up to this. And now that it's announced, they're hiding in the shadows. I feel sorry for MS. It's not like they wanted all this bad PR.

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wenaldy1959d ago

I disagreed without reading your post.. lol..

Hicken1959d ago

No worries. You were still right.

Roper3161959d ago

just remember that when you lose your internet for a few days and are unable to game. I have lost internet/cable for a few days but still had power and was able to game, so you think it's right for me not to be able to game if i lose my internet again? Even though I bought & paid for the console & a new game not a used game but a new game at full price? you really think that is right and acceptable for me to not be able to use what I pay for? Are you a socialist or something? You voted Obama didn't you?

I couldn't careless about the used games sales because I keep all my games and don't buy used. The only thing I will lose out on is when my friend gives me his old Call of Doo Doo because he got the newest yearly release. So trust me when I tell you as far as I'm concerned missing out on that is no biggie even for free.

But to defend a company who won't let you use what you rightfully & legally bought without checking in with them every 24 hours to me is crazy.

1959d ago
IcicleTrepan1959d ago

I'm most concerned with what if Xbox Live goes down for a period of time, or at the end of life of the One, they decide to shut 'er down. Then your right to play games you paid for just goes down the drain. I don't want a pile of games I paid for to suddenly become worthless because some tool flicked a switch in Redmond.

garos821959d ago

Try moving house in the UK and transferring your isp to a new address....
Internet-less for weeks

wishingW3L1958d ago

this has nothing to do with socialism, this is capitalism at its finest.

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Christopher1959d ago

***If would be foolish for a company to not follow in this direction.***

You hear that CDProjekt (owners of and makers of games), you are foolish! Fooooolish!

ThatCanadianGuy5141959d ago

Wouldn't surprise me in the least if MS is paying Green.Gaf just banned a bunch of MS damage controllers.

Mods here really need to look into his comments.It's all fun and games to poke fun sometimes and mess with the fans but this guy is getting paid to promote an agenda and spread propaganda.

nukeitall1959d ago

Actually, looking at the actual comments it is no reason to ban them. Far more than what is being posted here, like even your post speculating....

1959d ago
T21958d ago

its not fanboyism when you just resort to completely rehashing corporate PR B.S. like Greenpowerz. He is obviously a PR lackey or is so deluded he actually is a cerified mentally ill person who needs help. Thank god for bubbles some days....

Tatsuya 1959d ago

lol you're still the idiot we know even after that massive failure of a next gen Xbox reveal. Go ahead sheep, Microsoft is waiting in bed for you.

Fat-Milkers1959d ago

I have tried to read this post three times! I have no idea what it is your are saying. I mean just literally the poor grammar and spelling insults the English language. Its so incoherent I had a stroke concentrating so hard :/
Sorry I had to reply, this post amazes me. I'm sure someone can decipher its cryptic meaning.

Slade231958d ago

wow really. Mircosoft the Shepherd and the sheep is the people who follow Mircosoft. it's not that hard to understand... it's not rocket science. I just don't know why he put "waiting in bed for you" or who he's talking to.

T21958d ago

so you admit to being a corporate shill in other words, greenpowerz... "it would be foolish for a company not to follow this direction" Really? with consumers lining up on both sides to boycott this option? Is that how they teach customer service in corporate shill speak? Force it down their throats? go ahead, its just more reasons to boycott. Unless you are a company shareholder, then stfu, you sound like a MS PR rep.

indysurfn1958d ago

microsoft is like the government that fools you by using words like a shell game, call them in between words. In this case the word would be 'family'. If by family they mean anyone in your house on the same network. Then there 'feature' of you can have anyone in your family play a game is very mute! Because that means anyone in your walls can play your game. And I can do that NOW with every console ever invented. No high speed internet required. And no checks every one to 24 hours require either! In fact pay attention how they change from using 'family' to 'friends'. This is how they can trick us into thinking we are getting something new when we are only getting something old with a added restriction. Microsoft is determine to not let us own our software. And to control who we can do business with.

blind-reaper1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

These microsoft policies DON'T mean at all that it will end pirate games (in fact I believe it will promote it, because it will be the only way to play your games offline), in fact these type of policies are only punishing the people who buy and trade ORIGINAL games.

1nsomniac1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

What, as in they are finding it difficult to read what your saying with your dyslexia. Plus when you fight through the spelling mistakes & randomly added words, the point that your actually trying to raise doesn't really sit well either as it's up to the consumer to accept this or not, not the manufacturer. As most of us including me will not by the XBone due to this issue.

noctis_lumia1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

kindly just shut it up xbox fanboy thx

sAVAge_bEaST1958d ago

I don't know if there are really that many xbox fan-boys left. I do know there are hordes of MS PR people on websites 'posing' as fan boys.. put they are pushing an agenda.. and it's easy to see through.

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a_bro1959d ago

microsoft between be throwing megatons at E3, cause time is running out for them.

they're going to play dirty by paying 3rd party companies to show their games on that box over the PS4 apparently on E3

Ju1959d ago

Does it matter? Didn't they just self-destruct with that "clarification"? Well...i don't really care. Never wanted an XBone, but tried to be open. At least before Sony showed anything. But I must say, MS made it quite easy to not even waste a thought of considering this.

... And thanks for keeping the entertainment value up. Since the reveal it's quite entertaining coming back to

MajorLazer1959d ago

They exploded a Nuke on themselves with the reveal, and with every passing day, radiation from said Nuke has been killing them further and further. MS is a mutant!

wagnus1959d ago

I really don't want an xbox1 after all that is going on. (I don't own a playstation 3, and haven't touched my wii in years).

If they honestly try to buy out 3rd parties to sell people like me, I hope we stand strong. The only way to knock this shit off is to send a message via poor sales.

ybadr1959d ago

Here, take this bubble sir.

ltachiUchiha1959d ago

Exactly, too bad some dont see where your coming from and will look at this as a good thing. Smh

sAVAge_bEaST1958d ago

they are also playing dirty on these sites..

a_bro1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

You know..Sony did the same exact thing back in 2006-2008

it wasnt until we gamers put them in their place..Look at them now. they are doing the things we expect them to do.

its funny and ironic that Micrsoft is doing the same thing.. they need to learn a lesson as well.