Def Jam: Icon Demo hits Xbox Marketplace tomorrow

Electronic Arts has announced that a downloadable demo of Def Jam: Icon is to be released on the Xbox Marketplace this Thursday, the 8th of February. Incorporating hip-hop lifestyle and music into every aspect of the game, DEF JAM: ICON delivers the intensity of a no-holds-barred street fight but with style and rhythm.

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Funky Town_TX5711d ago

I hate fighting games, but for free I'll play anything.

T-Virus5711d ago (Edited 5711d ago )

Well the others were, this looks a bit more gimmicky, highly suggest you try this still though.

Syko5711d ago

You're a free whore ;P
pay for somthing it feels good!

MySwordIsHeavenly5711d ago

This was made by EA Chicago...the guys that did FNR3! They know how to make a good game. The graphics in this game are phenomenal! I suggest trying it out...

RelloC5711d ago

please, please let Curtis Jackson's gap-toothed ass be in this version so I can beat the bloody hell out of him as The Game.

joemutt5711d ago

The graphics do look hot in this game.

Havince5711d ago

It was meant 2 be LAST Thursday but got delayed. so here is hoping. I hope Sean Pauls in it i loved kicking his arse in the last one.