Xzibit Interview At CES 2013 “Trinidad James VS Justin Bieber” In New Def Jam Game?

GamerFitNation's Antwand Pearman also known as Blackbible interviews Xzibit at CES 2013. This year at International CES 2013 it seems the recurring theme was headphones, headsets, and audio. Monster being one of the most commercialized headphone brands on the planet were not going to be outdone by a bunch of cheap knockoffs. That is why at CES 2013, monster made an announcement that only the former pimp your ride expert could make.

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TheSuperior 4144d ago

Xzibit is such a cool guy, good to hear him talkin about games.

BanBrother4144d ago (Edited 4144d ago )

*pulls shirt near shoulder then releases*

He in triple X as well lol. He funny guy who gets all credit for fixing someone's car when he hasn't done s*** to it lol.

EDIT: I love it how he says he likes to play FPS games, and the first thing that comes to mind is Call Of Duty lol. EA are probably fuming lmao. He represents EA and first thing that comes to mind is probably their biggest competitior. As I said, Xzibit funny guy.


I feel most people want to see another def jam fighting game. Along the lines of FFNY

solidsheep4144d ago

Wow that def jam game needs to be made!!! Kill to have angus young as a fighter or gene simmons.

Deadpool6164144d ago

Music fighting game idea, eh? I think a developer needs to get to work on making that game. I know so many people who would either want to beat up, or fight with Justin Bieber. Throw in legends to like Elvis, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson and James Brown as well.

Wow! There's a lot of possibilities with that idea.

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Will We Ever See A New Def Jam Game?

The Def Jam game series has been laying dormant for over a decade at this point, but could we ever see a revival of some kind?

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gamingtext20201109d ago

Interesting article, but I hope we don't.

UnSelf1108d ago

Tell em. We need a Viewtiful Joe 3

DarXyde1108d ago


Fight for New York was awesome.

Icon was pretty bad, but I'll give them some benefit because they tried to do something new. A direct sequel to FFNY would be grand, though in the era of microtransactions and EA being who they are now, one should tread carefully about that fantasy.

gamingtext20201108d ago

I hear you, but the rappers nowadays are completely lame and corny when compared to the rappers from FFNY.

I rather take a remake from the game than a sequel.

DarXyde1108d ago

You'll get no disagreement from me there.

For some reason, I hadn't considered that there would be modern rappers. Christ.
On the other hand, I wouldn't be mad if they added more Wutang members so I can "torture" Tekashi69. :D

Beastgamerkuma1108d ago

we definitely need it to return, but nothing like Icon since that was trash. The mechanics of Def Jam fight for NY and Vendetta was still great til this day.

boing11108d ago

Oh man, remake of Fight for NY would be awesome.

Silly gameAr1108d ago

I hope so. Just go back to the Fight for New York style, and forget Icon ever happened.

King_Noctis1108d ago

Man I used to really love DJ Fight for NY and DJ Icon back in the day. I hope someone (not EA) can revive this franchise.

King_Noctis1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Icon sucks, I admit. But I used to love the DJ games so much that I was willing to accept any game thrown in my way.