Space Giraffe Heads to Microsoft

Those who have been following the progress of truly bizarre shoot-'em-up Space Giraffe will be pleased to hear the game's hit its alpha stage and is today heading to Microsoft for approval.

Speaking on his blog veteran and slightly bonkers developer Jeff Minter thought that progress was going extremely well on the Tempest-style shooter.

"We're going for an alpha release to Microsoft on Wednesday, then as soon as possible after, to our alpha team," he said, "At which point I'll get a lot more feedback which I am looking forward to. The release to Microsoft is a little bit scary because we effectively get the go/no go for the whole thing on this submission.

"But damn me if it doesn't look gorgeous and I think it plays really nicely so I would be very surprised if we have any problems there. Sure we probably aren't going to hit every TCR with alpha but we're not going for full cert yet, this is just show and tell so I think we should be ok."

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