Metroid: Zero Mission: The Defining Game Boy Advance Remaster

Metroid Zero Mission, released on Game Boy Advance in 2004, revisited the original game and created the definitive way to experience it.

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FreeckyCake35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

This is pretty confusing. It has Metroid Fusion, but the article is tackling Zero Mission?

LWOGaming35d ago

Thank you. Good spot. Fixed now. Matt.

autobotdan34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

This article is 100% spot on. The greatest Gameboy advance game. Quite possibly the greatest portable game of all time

Black-Helghast34d ago

I still remember playing my first metroid game on a Christmas that my parents bought me the GBA SP with metroid Fusion and Megaman Zero

I could never finish megaman zero but metroid fusion? I FINISHED THAT B!TCH LIKE 10 TIMES, such an amazing game and there was so much to do. so many secrets, so many abilities, I thought this was the best game I would ever play on GBA....then zero mission came out and it blew my mind that this time I would use Samus without the super powers that I got accustomed to on Metroid Fusion. at first I was skeptical but MAN was that game amazing. the perfect sequel..after that I never played another metroid game because Metroid prime was not my cup of tea and I hated the direction the franchise took. I'm crossing my fingers for Droid but I doubt it'll live up to the likes of Fusion and Zero Mission

P_Bomb34d ago

Great game, hands down bar none!

brando00834d ago

I have fond memories of Zero Mission and Fusion as a kid :)

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