Daemon X Machina Producer Teases a Potential Second Game

Marvelous Entertainment hosted a livestream to celebrate the second anniversary of Daemon X Machina, and there is hope for a sequel.

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ZeekQuattro621d ago

I would be down for that. They sabotaged the sales optional of the first came due to lack of advertising and attacking the few people online that tried to plug the game. Because of that I never saw a sequel in the cards.

drizzom620d ago (Edited 620d ago )

While there have been many mecha games that came out in the past year, none have really been able to scratch the giant customizable robot itch like DxM can. Its not as good as Armored Core but it does do a decent job of filling in Armored Cores absence. I like the things this game brings but they really need to work on their content. After the story was over there were a handful of online missions that could be cleared in 3-4 days. The randomly generated dungeon was a nice idea but it should have been really expanded on more.