20 Years On, The GameCube Controller Cannot Be Beat

One aspect of the Nintendo GameCube that has continued to prevail with support is none other than its star-studded perfect controller.

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Om4ever556d ago (Edited 556d ago )

The worst Controller I have ever had...
The designer was probably drunk when he produced it

slowgamer556d ago

Not as drunk as N64 controller designer. =)

got_dam556d ago

I agree. The buttons felt cheap. Like the switches were going to break if you looked at them wrong. Grips were too narrow for my large man-hands. Was just not a pleasant control to use for extended periods.

556d ago
Neonridr556d ago

there's a reason why they came out with updated Gamecube controllers for Smash on the Wii U.

The only major drawback was having only 3 buttons on the top which ended up making ports have some ridiculous button placements at times. But the triggers were analog and digital which was a fire if I'm not mistaken at the time.

SaiyanFury556d ago

It's all a matter of opinion of course, but if I want to figure out which is probably the best controller designs, I'd have to look at Sony's DualShock and Microsoft's various designs. I don't think I've ever seen a controller designer ever copy the GC's controller, but I have seen plenty of DS and MS knockoffs.

550d ago
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