We’re All Going to Keep Playing Skyrim Forever

A game that came out in 2011, still relevant at the turn of the century. There couldn’t possibly be anything like that in the real world.

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mastershredder737d ago

To the point : "We are going to be playing Skyrim forever. Or, at least, I will be."

Yeah it will just be you, you could have just cut to the chase and not have been so dramatic and drawn out about it. Perhaps Windhelm theater is more your speed? ;P

Sayai jin736d ago

Skyrim is still widely played, especially by PC players. It still receives large amounts of mods on sites like Nexus amd is thr most modded game on there. These mods can create awhole new experience.

lucian229736d ago

As a big modder myself.... Mods are the only reason the game is any good. The core game is pretty poor, glitchy and boring.

Mods though really make it shine as the game then becomes a custom experience

736d ago
Lionsguard737d ago

Depending on how Bethesda handles Elder Scrolls 6 if they turn into some stupid GAAS model with battle passes, Septim packs, and paid mods, we WILL be playing Skyrim forever and we'll like it that way.

Michiel1989736d ago

just stop this nonsense, they made one bad game with gaas, and no other. Theyve still been releasing really good games the last couple years, so what makes you think they will make the next mainline ES title gaas? there is absolutely no chance that will happen. Theyve also learned from FO76 that they cant pull this shit again.

Lionsguard736d ago (Edited 736d ago )

They didn't learn that they "can't pull this shit again". They just learned how not to do it and how to do it better. Plus the acquisition from Microsoft isn't going to exactly help.

LordoftheCritics736d ago

''They've also learned from FO76 that they cant pull this shit again''

We don't know that yet.

Maybe they learned that they need to find a better way to not get caught with their bs?

KyRo736d ago

Correction, bethesdas other studios have been making really good games. Bethesda Softworks on the other hand are some worst on the industry and they always get a free pass. If any other game releases with bugs, dated animations, dated graphics, bad voice acting, piss poor performance, crashes etc they would be left out to dry but Bethesda get a free pass because it has good writing... The part we don't play ironically.

Michiel1989736d ago

@lionguard "cant pull this shit again" and "how not to do it" is the same you know. why wouldnt the ms aquisition help? because it isnt Sony? the fewer platforms they release games on, the more they can focus on the platforms they do release on. it sucks you cant play it on ps and i wont be buying an xbox anytime soon, so that kinda stinks.

@critics id like to believe that some of the top guy at bethesda arent full blown idiots and realize they cant make the same mistake from FO76 again. You are talking like they fucked up 5+ games like they did FO76, its one game....yeah it was a dumpster fire and they did get all the shit for it that they deserved, but its not like they have been doing that stuff for decades.

@kyro if you think they get away with it just because of good writing you should maybe open your eyes and ears. Also they dont always get away with it, FO4 wasnt as praised and then there is FO76. and after skyrim and FO4/76 they havent released any new game, so what exactly are they getting away with?

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TheGreatGazoo30737d ago

I'm going to fire up oblivion again soon, then Skyrim. Incredible games that need a revists, especially with some mods

Resinote737d ago

This and GTA V are the most milked games in the history of gaming period!

NeoGamer232737d ago

I don't know about that for certain.

Pac-man, Ms Pac-man, Galaga, Tetris, Minecraft, etc. All have been milked for a very long time.

SDuck736d ago

yeah but certainly haven't made that much income as GTA5 and Skyrim

Teflon02736d ago

Minecraft is probably the one game that likely did make more than GTA if not about the same.

jivah736d ago

@Teflon02 Minecraft made upwards of 3.5billion giving an assumed 500ish million made this year which is being generous. GTAV made over 6billion as of april 2021

Teflon02736d ago

Sonic 1 and 2 has been released on every single generation since they've existed.

Sega Gen
Sonic jam
Sonic mega collection
Sonics ultimate Gen collection and vintage release on stores
Ps4 one Sega Gen collection
3d versions on 3ds. Advance Sonic Gen
Ps5 and series X as well as older getting the origin collection lol.

That's what you call milking. GTA is still a baby at this point

TricksterArrow736d ago

Thank you. I swear we are only missing a mobile RE4.

heribertomaya736d ago

agree! and lets add some others to the list (Mario Kart 8 and all its versions and SIMS 4)

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