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Sure, its beautiful graphics, fun gameplay, top-quality voice acting, memorable music and compelling dramedy storytelling make it easy to recommend.

Yet beneath all the razzmatazz – pun intended – Psychonauts 2 has so much more to offer. It tells a poignant, universally relatable story set in a world where the human brain can be explored like a funhouse.

It’s moving, human to a fault, and makes a strong argument that video games can be – and should be – considered art. The word masterpiece is thrown around far too much nowadays but in the case of Psychonauts 2, it’s entirely apt.

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alb1899510d ago

The new studios from MS are delivering in a big Way.

Magog510d ago

The studios they bought? Yes, they have delivered a few well reviewed games for Playstation, PC and Xbox fans.

MartyMcFly88510d ago (Edited 510d ago )

As a PlayStation gamer, I can appreciate the Xbox strategy even if I don't like it. I'm really looking forward to playing Deathloop tonight. However, if and when Deathloop 2 comes out in years to come, Xbox Game Pass will no doubt offer it for free while those who loved the first game on PlayStation 5 might not be able to play it at all.

Magog510d ago

@MartyMcFly88 chances are there won't be a sequel. Given the other Arkane studio is being put on live-service co-op loot shooter duties I think it's fair to say this will be their last single player game.

ReadyPlayer22510d ago

Lmao, being put on live serviced games? Dear God you're such a fanboy

UnSelf509d ago

I’ve never seen someone fan-slurp this hard for a console. And I been here over 11 years

MadLad509d ago

See you in a couple years when all the studios delivered their exclusive content.

I thank you for supporting MS' future exclusives.

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343_Guilty_Spark510d ago

I think it's the best platformer thus far this generation. The characters are so loveable, and relatable. Platforming and art style are truly excellent. And it's really well-written!

GamingSinceForever510d ago (Edited 510d ago )

I think It Takes Two was the better overall game. Psychonauts 2 has the edge in story.

But still both are great games.

MartyMcFly88510d ago (Edited 510d ago )

It Takes Two is a lot of fun (I still need to finish playing it) but I don't find the main characters anywhere near as likeable as Raz & co. Different strokes for different folks I guess - as you said, they're both great games!

MartyMcFly88510d ago

@343_Guilty_Spark - I couldn't agree more. Ratchet and Clank is great too and looks incredible, but Psychonauts 2 has the edge for me. As you said, it's really well-written and the characters are wonderful!

Tacoboto509d ago

I'm playing the first game for the first time and feel pretty close to the end (the painting Bullfighter dude is where I'm at now). The Milkman is my favorite character and sub story so far in it.

How do 2's stories compare to the Milkman and his dedication to fulfilling his final delivery?

Killer73nova509d ago

“ I am the milkman and my milk is delicious”

MartyMcFly88509d ago

The Milkman Conspiracy was my favourite level in the original game and it's the one people seem to remember most fondly. It's hard to compare it with the stories told in the sequel, but Psychonauts 2 has some very memorable levels that reveal a lot about the characters. I touch upon this briefly - while trying to avoid spoilers - in my review.

jjb1981509d ago

This game is an instant classic. I've been having a lot of fun playing it. I've never played the first but I might give it a try later.

MartyMcFly88509d ago

The original Psychonauts has obviously aged a bit, but I replayed it a few years ago and had a great time. If you love the sequel, you should definitely check it out!

dreamed509d ago

It's a cool game...but is any game really a 10/10?.

MartyMcFly88509d ago

Well of course this review is just my personal opinion, but 10/10 doesn't mean I think it's 'perfect' - it's just one of the best I've ever played. To be honest I don't really like scores and have considered removing them for some time. The words of the review itself are what matter most.

Jackhass505d ago

I was expecting this one to be good, but I was not anticipating the perfect 10s. Goes to show, taking your time pays off.