Killzone 2 available on 6 Febuary in Europe?

If we must believe the Official PlayStation Business to Business site of Sony it is. The date they apply for the release date of Killzone 2 is not on February 27, but February 6! For better looks, check the screen.

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dylantalon3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

i would love for killzone 2 to be released on february 6th 2009. killzone 2 is the best looking game ive ever seen and the best shooter ive played. this game is second to none with no glitches and smoke screens to shade out the background.i have never seen a game this pretty with such high production value and quality on the xbox 360 or the wii. ps3 is the future and the future is ps3.

ps. the talon stands for talented.

earwax3598d ago

You SDF tools will cry "Why are the sales so low"? "wait, it is not out in EVERY country" Get the toilet paper ready for another Sony Turd!

gamfreak3598d ago

thing on Killzone 2 is that it exclusively on PS3, (but THE greatest thing is that poor pp & SONYSLAVE never had a chance to play it) man what a great moment....


blackbeld3598d ago

@pp loser. Get Ready for KZ2!!!!!!!!

Fishy Fingers3598d ago

Well Im EU (UK) so I'm hopeful this might be true. But release dates are always subject to change, even when posted on the producers/publishers official sites.

I thought a WorldWide release would of been fitting for KZ2, all the PS3 gamers want it asap and it's terrible waiting on a game you know some dude over sea's is playing. Especially when you can see them playing it on your friends list :(

Sooner the better, for all territories.

GrieverSoul3598d ago

Yeah! It sucks having PSN friends on the US playing Resistance 2 before I do! lol

Finally I got it and now I can play too, just a little late on the Trophy hunt! XD

Cwalat3598d ago

well, weither it's true or not remains to be told..

but i know one thing,

SCEE will fu**k it up so we get it later than US... just wait and see..

And "language difficulties" MY ASS...
If they'd begin with those multiple language ports earlier than it wouldn't hurt the release date...

so basically.. when they blame on different countries and such.. it's basically.. no we're too lazy to begin with that...

solidt123598d ago

February 6 is the old date. The official Worldwide release date is February 27. The Official date was given on G4 last week.

Dragunov3598d ago

Can't wait. We always got shafted, blame SCEE, so my hopes aren't high on this one

3598d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.