SCUF Spills The Beans On An Upcoming SCUF PS5 Controller

The Outerhaven writes: SCUF has revealed it is working on a new customizable PS5 controller.

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DarthMarvin38d ago

They'd better go all out. The base DS5 is already fantastic, and they'll have fierce competition with very simple $30 back button mods available. Unless they offer something truly incredible, gone will be the days of them being able to charge $200 for a controller and have people actually buy it.

VenomUK38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

With the initial PS4 third party controllers many skipped out on features like the rumble and headphone socket. But the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are such an integral part of the PS5 experience that any third-party controller must support them.

Epicor38d ago

Sony filed a patent for DualSense back button attachment around 7 months ago or so. Fingers crossed that it will be introduced soon!

DigitalDaniel38d ago

What I don't understand is why Sony don't manufacture and sell their own PRO type controllers.
There's obviously a market these controllers. And once you get used to backpaddles, trigger stops etc it's impossible to go back to stock setup. So odd leaving this open to a third party instead.

Honestly speaking, backpaddles should have been standard on this next generation. They throw in all kinds of gimmicks into the controllers nowadays instead of raising the standard of how many buttons we can have.
Games are getting increasingly more advanced and playing claw style is not very ergonomic

DarthMarvin38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

"backpaddles should have been standard on this next generation"

I couldn't agree more. I was incredibly shocked when I first saw the back side of the DS5. It really doesn't make any sense at all. They're charging an extra $10 for PS5 games, surely they could eat the $.05 it would cost them to add a couple of back buttons to each controller.

BlackDoomAx37d ago

I just bought a 10$ paddles for my ps4 and they work really well. The time I can get a PS5, Chinese will have made some for it too :)