Free Winter Holiday Premium Theme Available

A free Winter Holiday Xbox 360 Premium Theme is now available on the Xbox Marketplace, to access it follow the directions below.

1.Browse to Game Marketplace and click "Explore Game Content".
2.Click "Themes And Gamer Pictures".
3.Then click "All Themes And Gamer Pictures".
4.Click "All" and then "Xbox 360 Community".
5.Go to the "Featured Downloads" tab and select "All Downloads"
6.Select "Winter Holiday Theme".

You can now start downloading the theme and then enable it by changing your theme to it in the "My Xbox" section of the dashboard.

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Fishy Fingers3600d ago

Pretty nice. I wish you could do away with the semi circle on the bottom of the screen that your friends, games etc rotate on. Hopefully one day we'll get some software which allows us to create our own themes. Be that on the 360 or perhaps PC.

3599d ago
pp3599d ago

Awesome best ever looking theme on any console.Downloading ASAP.

y0haN3599d ago

Free... Microsoft... WTF??

resistanceFAILofman3599d ago

this totally blows HOME out of the water .... all those jelous PS3 fannyboys brying .... boo hoo !!!

This IS the best thing on a console ever ... !!!!

...oh ... it's just a theme. Still WOW !!!

3599d ago
resistanceFAILofman3599d ago

was free ;-)

and that first piece was sarcasm. It's like what 360 people have had to put up everytime anyone mentions HOME and how it is the total eclipsing and end to everything microsoft ever to infinity.

caffman3599d ago

I have at least 40 themes that are free off marketplace

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3599d ago

Looks like something for the Wii??? ;-D

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The story is too old to be commented.