PlayStation Showcase 2021 Hits and Misses

So we finally got the PlayStation Showcase we've all been waiting for and, for the most part, it was more up than down.

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z2g44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

agree with this, tho I'll say again I don't really care about more Marvel/Spiderman/supero hero stuff - yes I know other people do care and I certainly recognize the following and even quality, but between the games and movies and shows, I personally am pretty maxed out on Superhero content in general so I'm ready to see other things that are new and different.

lets also remember a lot of stuff in this list isn't actually exclusive to Sony either. GOTG, Ghostwire, , Project Eve, Forspoken, etc are all Multiplatform and Deathloop and KOTOR remake are only timed exclusives (KOTOR having the shorter commitment than Deathloops full year).

With all of that out of the way, GOW looked fantastic, Spiderman running on a ps5 was also impressive - tho those ps5 captures were cutscene quality, not actual gameplay quality so take it with a grain of salt. The Gears 5 Hivebuster cutscenes on Series X also look amazing and near cg quality running in realtime, but those aren't interactive parts - same deal... still, high quality bar for Spiderman nonetheless, tho. Gran Turismo 7 has a lot to prove to me after the last few releases (as an avid racing fan in real life as well), but with that being said, it looks good and I am optimistic after hearing that it will be more like the older GT games.

I still feel tho that this whole show felt like a more "corporate" Sony and less rock n roll crazy weird Sony. Less risks, more Hollywood type trappings. love them or hate them, that's up to you but I miss the R U RED E vibe ov playstation'a past. The most original stuff in this showcase I felt were from 3rd party devs releasing on multiple platforms which is weird for a Sony show, but there it is.

and the takeaway of this comment shouldn't be anti-sony, just trying to keep it real behind all the gloss and showmanship of what's actually going to be boiled down over the next couple years.

demonseye43d ago

don't know if you know this but there is no difference in quality in cutscenes and gameplay GOW uses this in its advantage to seamlessly switch between gameplay and cutscene. they do the same with spiderman. spiderman has created a following of its own so it's not only marvel fans who enjoy and play this. there is just something so satisfying swinging through a city like that.

besides all that i agree with the games that aren't really exclusives, but the timed exclusives, I disagree with you. they made a deal to get this time exclusives for the purpose of showing them off so it perfectly fits in this setting.

but well Xbox basically has only multi-plat games and calls them exclusives so I guess it's just todays business.
still sony showed us today that they are still outperforming the competition and gave enough reason to be hyped.
so all and all its the best showcase of 2021.