Platinum wants to bring Star Fox Zero to Switch

But any potential design changes would be up to Nintendo if it happens.

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FallenAngel198435d ago

I’d rather Star Fox Assault be brought to Switch with online multiplayer instead

Teflon0235d ago

Finally, someone who knows about Assault. Best Star Fox Multi-player imo.

Neonridr35d ago

or a Star Fox 64 remaster instead.

deadfrag35d ago

Platinum Games wants to many things but sadly it does not show nothing new for years!They try to jump on all offers but end finishing none!

whitbyfox35d ago

1: Get rid of the motion controls.

2: Bring us Okami 3.

Good-Smurf35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I rather have them show more of Bayonetta 3 first before they talking about any new project.
This reeks Inafune's funding for Red Ash and Mighty No.9 animated series, both never materialized.