The Top 10 GameCube Games of All Time | Ranked

The GameCube was, at the time of its release, a console that didn't do very well. Since then it has secured its place as a console classic.

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darthv72558d ago

Still to this day I like to pop in Rogue Leader and play that opening level. That was what sold me on the cube after playing a demo at a Kay Bee toys right before launch.

YodaCracker558d ago

RE4 and Wind Waker for me.

ZeekQuattro558d ago (Edited 558d ago )

Smash Brothers Melee was delayed a month so I played a whole lot of Rogue Leader as it was the only game I had. I still remember after a couple of weeks playing the game my mom asked me if I was going to buy anything games. She was tired of hearing Star Wars in the background. lmao