LOW-FI - Incredible 2D/VR Cyberpunk Sandbox Game in Development 4K Gameplay - CG

CG writes: It has been a while since we visited IrisVR’s impressive looking cyberpunk-themed sandbox action game LOW-FI. In this latest video we take a look at some new additions to the game as well as revisiting areas we have showcased before. However, it looks like most places have been given a massive visual overhaul making for an even more impressive looking world ready to explore. As mentioned in the video, the game comes to Playstation VR,PS4,PS5, PC VR and regular desktop gaming in 2D. It has a Q4 2021 release window, but we suspect it will slip into 2022. In fact, we hope it does as it will give IrisVR more time to polish things up. Either way, right now LOW-FI keeps getting better and we can’t wait to see the gameplay features when they are added. You get a nice hint of things to come already. You can grab this current build via or Steam.

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slowgamer38d ago

Love the style. Dark and neon colours and that retro digital font. I hoped 2077 would be more like this style and not so plastic and colourful.

thorstein38d ago

This is straight up Blade Runneresque! Love it.