'Significant' LBP Patch soon, Developer Level DLC and LBP Home Space in the works

Mark Valledor, Marketing Manager at SCEA has updated the SCEA PlayStation Blog with this weeks latest Q&A session.

Some of the most interesting answers come from "efong", one of the US producers for LittleBigPlanet. He pops up in the comments to answer some all important questions on LBP and new level DLC, Home Space and an upcoming patch...

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PotNoodle3598d ago

Woop. Glad about the LBP home space, lets hope they get LBP game launching in home too.

vhero3598d ago

doesn't really tell us anything though he is very, very vague in everything he says :(

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3598d ago

Played it at the weekend with 2 other people(+Someone joined us on-line)and we Laughed SOOOOOOOOO much playing it, it's so much FUN;)
Can't wait for more LBP stuff + I'll be in that LBP HOME Room all day ;-D
(Bet it annoys people on this that i can comment on this bit, your not better than me because you do) ;-o

resistanceFAILofman3598d ago

in the LBP room in HOME than actually playing LBP ...
The game it'self must be incredible then !!!

Unreal29013598d ago

tomorrow thursday just been announced and with the intergration of the best game on ps3 lbp thats grate news

jerethdagryphon3597d ago

once the game hits 3+ players it stops bieng a platformer and more a lets wreck the level an have fun

one o my friends decided my space suide needed more eyes to see better :(

so much un and such a happy game
heres hoping the patch is online create

Magic_The_Celt3597d ago

Awesome! cant wait.

Thank you Sony, MM, for the weekly updates and weekly free costumes

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