Alan Wake Remastered Comparison From Original to Remaster Features Improved Lighting & More

New Alan Wake Remastered screenshots have surfaced, and what's more, MP1st has even done a comparison of the remaster to the original.

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RaidenBlack39d ago

Looks like the PC version at higher settings ... another lazy one, it seems

excaliburps39d ago

I think for most PS gamers, it won't matter since they'd want to experience the game, but I get your point.

VersusDMC39d ago

Early price leaks say it's also going to be 40. The leaked price was £24.99 which people say is 40.

Can't wait to see people say it's too much when other's are charging 60 for remasters and straight up ports...

TheDoomedGuy39d ago

Actually since playstation users are used to high quality remasters this probably won't be so eye catching.

VersusDMC39d ago

@ doomedguy

People keep saying Remaster and Remake interchangeably and it's triggering. And games press does it on podcasts as well.

Skyward Sword Switch
Mass Effect Collection
Uncharted Collection

Demon's Souls PS5
Resident evil 2/3 PS4
MGS Twin Snakes

Maybe you don't mean PS5 Demon Souls when you say high quality remasters but i wanted to put that out there anyways.

SullysCigar39d ago

PS gamers should also get some additional incentive due to DualSense features, hopefully - especially after how well they implemented them into Control.

ufo8mycat38d ago

Demon Souls is not a true remake. Outside of graphics, sound and animation, there really is no difference.

The improvements of graphics, sound, animations, while leaving everything else the same is the definition of a remaster.

Level design, levels themselves, bosses. All the same.

Out of all remasters though, Demon Souls does what other remasters should have done. Most remasters only improve the graphics, Demon Souls not only did this but also improved the sound and animations, so I think that confuses people thinking its a remake, when its really showing you how a remaster should be done.

Resident Evil 2 & FF7 are probably the best examples of remakes

ufo8mycat38d ago

Never understand the “Playstation gamers” will get to experience this. True gamers don’t limit themselves to 1 platform. Nothing stopped anyone from playing it back in the day.

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TheRealTedCruz39d ago

To be fair, it is just a remaster. The PC version already looked good to this day, outside of some muddy textures here and there.
The character models seemed to get a solid overhaul.
Seems they improved some of the weak points of the visuals, and that's all I really ask for.

I'm just glad Sony only players get a chance to play this. Easily one of my favorite games from the PS3/360 generation.

ABizzel139d ago

It's a remaster not a remake, so it's more along the lines of how the PS360 did their collections, higher resolution, higher assets. Except as you said it's basically the PC version Ultra Settings with small tweaks.

RaidenBlack39d ago

There are stellar remasters like Halo 2 and Spider-Man ... and there are lazy remasters like NFS Hot Pursuit and Mafia 2.
So take your pick.
And yes I was not considering this Alan Wake a Remake. 🙄

NeoGamer23239d ago

Honestly this was disappointing. I was hoping they'd do more.

RaidenBlack39d ago

Yup, same here.
Especially after Control.

TheLigX38d ago

I totally disagree. This looks like a fantastic remaster. Smoke and volumetric lighting. Seriously improved character models and word details. I don’t know which trailer you watched

RaidenBlack38d ago

Cool .. its your perspective. If you like it, you'll enjoy it.
Happy Gaming.

SyntheticForm38d ago

These screens do it no justice. I just pre-ordered it on PS5 and the screens look fantastic. Honestly these shots are so low quality that they make this submission, in my opinion, misleading.

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darthv7239d ago

Im expecting ray traced shadows and light shafts as well as 60fps. That shouldnt be too much to ask for.

Atticus_finch39d ago

I expected Ray tracing too. It's a game based around a flash light.
Oh well, not everyone is Bluepoint.

Imortus_san39d ago

No Ray Tracing no game for me, I have already played this almost 10 years ago, it was great but as aged really bad.

Nakiro39d ago

What is it about ray-tracing that makes or breaks a game for people? I don't think I will ever understand.

ABizzel139d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I mean this game is all about light and shadows, so Ray tracing would be a prime candidate for it. But generally speaking I could care less until GPU are powerful enough that it doesn't effect performance as much, which should be in a few years on PC. 60fps is significantly more important IMO.

Imortus_san38d ago

I'm interested in replaying the same game just because it got a resolution bump, PC version has been much better them the Xbox 360 version, a new version for consoles that just looks like the PC version is a lazy port, so nothing new nothing to game.

Jericho133739d ago

What has gaming come to when suddenly ray tracing is a deal breaker?!

Yui_Suzumiya39d ago

I play most AAA games nowadays on Switch Lite so playing this on my PS4 will be a treat 😁

Imortus_san38d ago

I Switch as been off ever since 2018 maybe just maybe Metal Slug tactics will make me power it up again.

Rainbowcookie38d ago

Hard to add RT to an engine not using it at the time, they will need to use the control engine yo completely redo the game and then it is a remake rather than a remaster.

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Eamon39d ago

So this is what passes for "remastered" these days?

I'm pretty sure the PC mods on the original version looks much better than this.

autobotdan39d ago

I will just stick with the original on backwards compatibility on my Series x

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