Alan Wake Remastered first screenshots

The first screenshots of the newly announced Alan Wake Remastered have been released via the game's listing (PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series / One).

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Obelisk9238d ago

Doesn't look too bad from the screens, but this game needed a full fledged remake. Alan Wake atmosphere with next gen graphics and ray tracing would've been absolutely mindblowing.

Si-Fly38d ago

It’s not just the visuals though, the gameplay is gonna feel archaic. The pull of nostalgia makes me want to try it but I just know I’ll drop off it pretty quickly.

LamerTamer38d ago

The game originally ran sub-720P on the 360. Good game but the graphics were very low-resolution. It looked very blurry, the 360 hardware was just not up to the task with the effects and lighting. This may use ray traced shadows which would be a big improvement, already the textures and character models look much better.