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TheColbertinator3603d ago


TheColbertinator3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I added the translated source at the top

mikeslemonade3603d ago

What else can you expect from Square Enix these days?

Danja3603d ago

Well I have another reason to play my Wii..^.^

but im sure it wont be anything close to what DQ8 was..SE better not f*ck up on this one...

Mozilla893603d ago

Probably figured its time to sell some games instead of making crap, actually the only DQ game I've played is by Level-5 (Dragon Quest 8). So I can't even tell if this is gonna turn out good since Square Enix is gonna make it.

Bnet3433603d ago

What a phucking joke. I'm not going to buy a Wii man, just stop it. I hate SE.

mint royale3603d ago

Good news to wii owners and nintendo. I'm gonna be like most of these sad fanboys that throw their toys out of the pram everytime something doesn't get a realease on the ps3. The HD have done nothing to advance the RPG genre this gen except bring pretier graphics so i'll be happy to give square the chance to see if they can advance the genre with a next gen control system.

prowiew3603d ago

Great decision businesswise and for japan. For the rest of the world, this news sucks. No ps3 no 360? Why

kunit22c3602d ago

Never played a DQ game but the other ones looked good and now its comming to Wii so I might.

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ablecain3603d ago

And I simply couldn't bring myself to go any further. It was one of the most boring games I've played in recent memory.

And I really tried to enjoy the game. I must've started a new file 3 or 4 times over the course of a year, each time getting a bit further, but finally I just gave up.

kesvalk3603d ago

you actually played 4 hours? i cound't play for 30 minutes... although i was a FF black guard at the time, and cound't play anything that was not a FF...

anyway, i the drought of RPGs for Wii DQ10 is a good addtion, just hope it stays with the classic mechanic, it was ankward to play DQ swords...

N4PS3G3603d ago

maybe im going to be minority here..but actually...whats so awesome about this?
I just dont care for DQ or Wii ....what a waste ...could have been soo much better on ps3/360

but anywaysr..enjoy the "megaton" wii fans

TheHater3603d ago

Dragon Quest 8 was develop by Level 5(White Knight Developers) and that was the best JRPG Square Enix has release in the pass 10 years personally for me. If it not being made by Level 5, then [email protected]#K it.

Seraphim3603d ago

Level 5 really made DQ8. Which is why it was such a fantastic game that put DQ on/back on the map. Aside from whoever is on the Final Fantasy team it seems SE can't really pull off anything special, or that good anyway. So DQ+SE=lackluster imho. They might be able to pull off an ok game, but Wii? Leaves me having no interest. PS360 for me. And I'd be willing to bet DQ will hit the bargain bin w/in a couple months on the Wii because Wii gamers, aside from the Core few, just aren't interested in this kind of game, or so it seems imo.............

LeonSKennedy4Life3603d ago

I agree. Why waste time on the Wii? I guess it will sell well in Japan though. Nevermind.

Make an inferior version and turn a profit. D1cks.

Also, DQ8 is not the best JRPG SE has made lately.

Did you play Kingdom Hearts 1 or 2?

ChickeyCantor3603d ago

" Make an inferior version and turn a profit. D1cks. "

LOL, seriously people are cute at times.

BWAHAHAH, ignorant kids.

kesvalk3603d ago

if you don't care about DQ or wii, why are you commenting here?

like a character of another SE game said "i don't get ppl, never have, never will..."

Captain_Sony3603d ago

"And I'd be willing to bet DQ will hit the bargain bin w/in a couple months on the Wii because Wii gamers, aside from the Core few, just aren't interested in this kind of game, or so it seems imo............. " Yeah that must be true especially when you look at all the killer RPG's they've released for Wii that havent sold at all..... How stupid... Trolls belong in the other area.. First MH3 now DQ10. I guess it must suck being a PS3 only troll because you'll seriously limit yourself on the amount of quality games you play. You may talk about PS3360 but I bet you're crying over every 360 RPG Sqaure is making for them also.

Maxned3603d ago

Well of course you dont care for it because you own a ps3, not a wii.
If Dragon Quest came out on ps3, I wouldnt care either.
Simple logic.

DeckUKold3603d ago

Now for my comment this is horrible! I hate dragon quest why not just make a FFXIII incarnation like agito? Why me, WHY MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

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TheHater3603d ago

is Level 5 developing this game and Square Enix will be publishing it or is Square Enix developing it. Base on Square Enix recent track record of JRPG, I will have to see a lot more, and would have to play this game first before deciding to buy another Wii to play it. Or I might just borrow my nephew Wii to play it

TheColbertinator3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I was wondering that myself.If Level 5 is making it,I will buy it day one but if Enix branches are making it,I may hold my money.

@The Hater

Hmmm...mixed emotions right now.The new Dragon Quest on Wii is an honor and great for keeping my Wii but without Level 5 making it...I'll wait and see.

edit:Agreed.Hell Level 5 took an unknown franchise in the west and made it good enough to sell hundreds of thousands of copies.I think that Square Enix and Sony could benefit so much if either one of them buys or merges with Level 5.Hopefully someone like Level 5 is making DQX and not a crap developer like Cavia.

TheHater3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

It seems that Square Enix is developing it. If Level 5 was making it, I would think they would have been at the press conference or Square Enix would have announce that Level 5 is developing it.

Edit: @Steven Colbert
I know dude. If level 5 was making this baby, I would have been all over it, and would have been a day out buy without watching any video or screen shot. I would just need a release date :)

Captain_Sony3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

The hardcore have known about Dragon Quest when it was Dragon warrior here...Also I am sure many people bought this game without caring about Level 5s involvement. I know I didnt buy it for those reasons. It was because it was my first chance to play a new DragonQuest(Warrior) in many years