Report: Titanfall 2 Infected With Malware, Respawn Investigating

Reports are coming in that Titanfall 2 has been infected with malware, with the community suggesting that players do not launch the game at all.

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spicelicka46d ago

why this poor game suffering so much lol

jukins46d ago

Yea whats the deal with this game being targeted for so long? Is it because its an easy target or is this some wannabe righteous internet crusader. Im at a loss

TheRealTedCruz46d ago

Give this game a break lol.
Why pick on the underrated underdog?

1nsomniac46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

It’s happening because the developers were failing to handle the cheating situation because they were not providing any satisfactory anticheat solution.

They’ve been made aware for a long long time and despite claims they were working on it. They weren’t. So the intention was if the developers were not willing to fix the issue then hackers would cause trouble/shine light on the developers.

The idea being if the game is now ruined to begin with then what is there to lose.

I think malware is too far but they’ve certainly caught the attention they were after.

jukins46d ago

Oh i see. They only had a handful of people working on it probably due to ea. I wpuld say they shouldve hacked them but they did already

DivoJones46d ago

It's likely an 'inside job' of sorts.. the player base has been unhappy with Respawn focusing all their energy on Apex (rather than patching/updating Titanfall 1/2) so they're tampering with the game to make a statement. There was a similar story a month or 2 ago when they were unhappy with hackers ruining the game or something along those lines. Respawn said they basically had 1-2 people working on Titanfall and the rest are on to Apex or other new projects.

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Asuka46d ago

This game/franchise cannot catch a break. EA's/Respawn's treatment of this franchise for the past year have been lacking.

jukins46d ago

Have to beleive its more ea than respawn. Even before it launched ea threw it to the wolves sandwiched between its own battlefield and cod

ecchiless46d ago

maybe this thing gonna make them shutdown the servers instead of fixing anything.