Looking back to 2011 and Kinect’s Rise of Nightmares

Jack writes: "First released in September 2011, SEGA’s Rise of Nightmares was made especially for Kinect on Xbox 360. Among the range of games available for the peripheral, it is the least likely title ever made for the Kinect - there’s no dancing, no pets, no sports. (Though by its end, hacking through hordes of re-animated corpses here starts to feel like a sport.)"

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darthv7281d ago

rise of nightmares would make a good VR game. Surprised Sega didnt try and remaster it for PSVR. Or... maybe they are working on doing that for PSVR2????

Neonridr81d ago

considering SEGA hasn't made a single title yet for PSVR, I can't imagine why they would pick this one to start TBH.

Not saying I wouldn't love it as I'm a huge horror fan.