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Jahanzeb writes: "Myst on Xbox is far from being the definitive version of the game, as in the process of modernising the graphical and visual presentation, it loses much of the artistic charm of the original 1993 classic. It’s certainly nice to have full 3D movement, but even then, the experience lacks the functionality of the original point and click control scheme."

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All the Games Dropping Quest 1 Support

The original Oculus Quest is slowly being shuttered. Here are all the games dropping Quest 1 support so far.

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Myst Joins Meta Quest 1 Support Exodus

The original Oculus Quest is dying a slow death as Myst joins the Quest 1 support exodus taking place this year.

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Myst - Ray Tracing, NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR Benchmarks & Comparisons

DSOGaming writes: "Cyan has released an official remake of the classic adventure game, Myst. Myst Remake uses Unreal Engine 4, supports both NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR, and features ray-traced reflections. So, time to benchmark them and see how this new ray-traced version of this adventure game runs on PC."

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slowgamer757d ago

PC gamepass has been rubbing me a wrong way a bit with releases where dlss isn't there while in other places they have it (like this Myst) and with rtx stuff not working for few weeks (Ascent). Even if I couldn't run it well I sure as hell would like to try it. Also the cloud option on PC is only in browsers and not implemented in their xbox gamepass app like in android version of it.
Just venting a bit.

757d ago
Babadook7757d ago

All in all, Myst can run great on a wide range of PC configurations without its Ray Tracing reflections. And while these ray-traced reflections require a lot of GPU power, PC gamers can either enable DLSS or FSR in order to improve performance. By using these techniques, you can run the game with more than 90fps in 4K/Max Settings with Ray Tracing on an RTX3080.