Myst Remake Review - A Fleeting Memory [Wccftech]

Myst has been remade by Cyan in Unreal Engine 4 to bring a VR/2D experience like we've never seen before. Have they succeeded at it?

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NecrumOddBoy762d ago

This was the start of something great. Not many games (to include its sequels) compared to Myst. The closest game for me that touched its brilliance was The Witness. Although not great, Maquette is a good title in this style. That game has 7/10 gameplay and 1000000/10 music.

JRPGsAreTheBest762d ago

Outer wilds I think should be mentioned, just beat it recently and its definitely unlike any other game I've played. How similar would you say Myst is to it?

iplay1up2762d ago (Edited 762d ago )

Honestly, I have played for about 45 min. I have no idea what to do. There is a book that is quite lengthy, in the place that has the red and blue book. I haven't bothered to read through it. It probably gives hints, but again I haven't read it.

metalgod88762d ago

This is a game where you will definitely need to take notes to figure out how to solve the puzzles.
Hint: There's a letter on a rock in front of the boat dock. Read that and go from there.

iplay1up2762d ago

Thank you. That is perfect! Will do ASAP!


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