China's New Gaming Restrictions May Have Crashed Servers This Weekend

The top mobile game in China saw its servers crash the first weekend new restrictions were enforced.

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GamerRN631d ago

Crazy ass restrictions... Yet cartoons can have bare breasts and be sexual

Snookies12631d ago

I mean... Games can have bare breasts and be sexual as well, lol.

glennhkboy631d ago

No, not in China. You cannot show any physical contact, like landing a punch on someone.

LordoftheCritics631d ago

So like Live boxing? New rules? No contact?

Godmars290631d ago

Nice to know the mentality of The Great Leap is still around...

TheColbertinator631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

Xi Jinping wants to lead the next Maoist Cultural Revolution.

That fool is only meant to be a paranoid Winnie the Pooh lookalike.

wraith9999631d ago

Easy for us Westerners to call him a fool, but look at the growth of the economy and military power over the last 20 years. China's doing extremely well and considered second to none in terms of espionage. I wouldn't underestimate the man.

FinalFantasyFanatic631d ago (Edited 631d ago )


Idk if I'd uphold the growth of their economy as a good thing considering there may be some cooking of the books with alot of companies, also they build alot of ghost cities to keep their economy going. Plus there's the trade wars which all started because the US wanted to take away some of the economic subsidies that China has thrived on for so long, also, alot of China's citizens are starting to move into the middle class status, raising wages and making cheap manufacturing more difficult (some economists are predicting India will become the next manufacturing hub of the world).

I wouldn't underestimate them either, but it's hard to be sure of how healthy China's economy is, but I don't think it's as healthy as we're led to believe (I don't think the US's economy is particularly healthy either, but I can say that of alot of countries atm).

sourOG631d ago

Lmao half a billion people trying to play in the same 3 hours.