Shenmue 2 turns 20 today

From Eurogamer: "Shenmue 2 is 20 years old today.

First released on Dreamcast on 6th September 2001 in Japan, it came to Europe a few months later on November 23rd - and was an Xbox exclusive in North America when it eventually arrived in October the following year."

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autobotdan50d ago

Awsome game. I loved the HD collection

TheColbertinator50d ago

Good times and I'm glad we got 3. Sure it was not very good but I never thought I would live to see the day and that feels special.

autobotdan49d ago

Sega will try to make hundreds and hundreds of Yakuza games in the next 10 years. Because people keep buying them. I wish Sega would try a few Shenmue games. Shenmue could use the full budget that Yakuza and Judgement games get

slowgamer49d ago

I played yakuza 0 a year or so ago which was my first yakuza game and it was awesome and I played 6 but I really can't stomach all of them. There's so many. So I would also take more of Shenmue instead.

slowgamer49d ago

I liked the fact that that original shenmues especially the first was like more of an adventure game. Well, perhaps there were too many quicktime events.

BinaryMind49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I have the opposite problem. I played Shenmue I & II a few years ago and found them surprisingly good and compelling. Then I played Yakuza 0 and was absolutely floored by it. Afterwards, I beat Yakuza 1-7 in little over a year and though I can safely say I have had my fill of Yakuza for now (and nothing reached the heights of 0), I could never go back to crusty old Shenmue in light of the improvements Yakuza made. Sorry Shenmue.

Popsicle49d ago

@binarymind. Yeah Shenmue was amazing and felt so fresh 20 years ago. I beat 1-2 on my Dreamcast and couldn’t wait for next game. When the next one came nearly 20 years later it was clear Shenmue needed a refresh and I was no longer interested. Not to mention due to the length of time between games the story of 1 and 2 are for the most part lost on me now. Nevertheless, the both games left a pretty big impression on me back in the day and were great for their time.

Popsicle49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I can remember finishing Shenmue 2 in 2002 and being extremely excited for the next one. If asked back then I never would have expected that the series would still be incomplete in 2021.