Take-Two has filed a lawsuit against the team that reverse-engineered GTA3 & GTA Vice City

In a shocking turn of events, Take-Two has filed a lawsuit against the team behind the reverse-engineered projects of GTA 3 & GTA Vice City.

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ABizzel152d ago

Allegedly they're working on remakes, but this still doesn't make any sense. These have existed for years, and these games are PS2 old. If they're remaking them using the GTAV engine, no one is going to care as no amount of mods will make a PS2 game look like a mid-range PC game today without having a timeless artstyle which GTA3 and the gang don't have.

As the article says this is a near pointless battle. If anything file the lawsuit, and come to a settlement to hire them to help make your old games better and launch the remasters with their help. Their project isn't hurting GTA sales, because 99% of the people running that emulated version wouldn't be buying GTA 3 anyway.

RaidenBlack51d ago

They're allegedly remastering them, not remaking them ... hence the insecurity.

isarai52d ago

Wow this is petty, you already ordered a cease and desist which they followed, leav'em alone

sourOG52d ago

Announce some new games so I can sell your shit stock you politihacks.


Just torrent them on PC don't give em a cent, Grab all the GTA games now for free 😀

kayoss52d ago

His is just petty and unnecessary.

blacktiger52d ago

SO You need a pc game? So if they bought doesn't it mean they have the right to modify? This is part of expression of art, right to use

Nitrowolf252d ago (Edited 52d ago )

They do have the right to modify but I believe the distribution part is not in there right

Just like legally I could rip all my disk games and movies I just can’t distribute any part of it

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The story is too old to be commented.