5 Final Fantasy games coming to PlayStation Now starting this month

Relive some of the most iconic adventures in RPG history.

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565d ago
VersusDMC565d ago

The Square/Sony partnership strengthens!

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thesoftware730565d ago


All these were on Gamepass..I think some still are.

Not sure if the partnership has anything to do with it, more about money than anything.

VersusDMC565d ago

Well combined with FF7R,Intergrade, FFXIV,FFXVI and Forsaken exclusivity can i not surmise that the parnership is still going strong or strengthening?

564d ago
thesoftware730565d ago

Yeah, I get what your trying to say, but putting old games on a streaming service after it has been on other competing streaming services first and are pretty much available everywhere else, hardly indicates "Strengthenes " relationship.

The new games and exclusives you named definitely show the strength of their relationship, but in direct context to this article and old games on PSnow, I dont think it applies the same. Its definitely to try to get more money rather than their relationship, which has been super tight since PS1..Sony even owns stock in SE, I'm sure they are and have been solid. Lol

VersusDMC565d ago

Hey if you want to downplay that all those games are going on Now go ahead.

Rationalize it in your head that it is nothing all you want for what ever reason while bringing up the competition.

I just see it as a lot of Final Fantasy being advertized for Playstation and it continuing to be the best place to go for Final Fantasy.

thesoftware730565d ago

Huh? What?

Dude, I in no way downplayed the games being on PsNow..I only pointed out facts as to why, them being added doesn't show this imaginary "Strengthening ". You mentioned..why would I not want them on PSNow, I played everyone of them already on original realese and the 12 remaster...I think they are wonderful games that every RPG fan should play..

You are a loon...

VersusDMC565d ago

You say it's not strengthening and say you're not downplaying it? And you call me a loon...great job with the insults instead of letting your "facts" do the talking. Class all around.

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Lexreborn2565d ago

Trend continues, leaves gamepass hits PSNow.

roadkillers565d ago

NOW cant touch gamepass. Where are all the Sony First Party games?

Lexreborn2565d ago

Righhttt, considering we are still waiting for 1st party games to hit Gamepass I think it’s highly touchable.

And if you understand the comparison it’s been an exchange back and forth between Now and gamepass with 3rd party games. If you subscribed to both you’d know that.

Red dead was on pass back in March. Hit Now last month a month or two after leaving pass. All of the Final Fantasy games are leaving pass… same ones are now hitting Now.

Yeah…. Take your head out the dirt and you will see the trends.

roadkillers565d ago

Head in the dirt lol, Final Fantasy XIII is just hitting gamepass... Where are you grabbing this stuff?

565d ago
scofios565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

Where are all the Xbox First Party games?
ah yeah forgotten that we must wait til 2078 they just strarted with first party studios

Lexreborn2565d ago

Final fantasy 7 and 9 are off of game pass. Now they are on now…. Pretty sure 8 and 12 will expire soon then only 10 and 13 will be on game pass.

So, pay attention next thing you know the yakuza games will all hit ps now and leave game pass. It’s a simple trend of competition between services.

roadkillers565d ago


I stand corrected. A lot of those titles were not an option when I was using PSNow (God of War PS4 being the biggest). Not sure when they added it again, but my subscription is still valid.. I'll give a look. My apologies

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DEEHULK88565d ago

Not really" head in the dirt" roadkillers because all the games did leave Gamepass. I guesd you wouldn't know that because you don't know anything about the service.

nommers565d ago

Hmm, this could mean we might see something FF related at the Playstation showcase or even TGS.

Majin-vegeta565d ago

Pixel remasters/FF16 releSe date?

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