Evil Avatar: Neopets Puzzle Adventure Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Neopets Puzzle Adventure is what you get when you take the board game Reversi (Othello), combine it with a popular Nickelodeon license, and sprinkle in some lightweight RPG elements. While it is clear this game is marketed to a younger crowd, there are things that should make any fan of puzzle games give it a look.

When the game first boots up, you are asked to create your character by choosing from a list of twelve Neopets. You can change it's color and name but generally there's no difference in the pets other than appearance. After doing so, you are free to set out on your quest."

The Good

* Excellent core gameplay mechanics
* Attractive graphics that make good use of the Neopets license
* Plenty of game for your money

The Bad

* No real RPG elements
* Very linear

The Ugly

* Leveling up and not having your character change at all

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