New PlayStation Store Sale Drops 400+ Discounts and Deals (NA/UK/EU)

PP: The latest PlayStation Store sale has gone live on both sides of the Atlantic, bringing over 400 new deals and discounts to players in North America, the UK, and Europe.

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Petebloodyonion633d ago

There's also a huge PSVR sale with 200 titles.

masterfox633d ago

just ordered a few days ago Odyssey(because of the PS5 patch) and COD Infinite Warfare in a very low price, and those are now in a sale! what a coincidence lol, after all this WW COD, BF games from the last few years and the ones that are coming, Infinite Warfare feels so freaking fresh and awesome to play, those space segments are so damn good, also didn't know the guy from Game of Thrones is on this lol, weird seeing it as tough main villain.