Grand Raid Offroad Put On Hold

French studio Asobo announced that it is halting, not cancelling, develpment of its Grand Raid Offroad racing game in favor of a new adventure/platform title for a well known US publisher. Since Grand Raid Offroad is their internal title, it was put on ice in favor of the new product which will allow them to secure finances to complete the project, according to Asobo's production director David Dedeine. No details on the new game were disclosed but David said it shouldn't be much longer.

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pRo loGic II5820d ago

NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOooooo!!!!!!. Oh well there's going to be plenty of hot games out. I shoud have waited for more games like the millions of other people that want a 360 but are wait for the games. JUST KIDDING

PS360PCROCKS5820d ago

Good thing it's only delayed :)

Deapreacher5820d ago

I been hypen this game up to all my friends for some time now. It's been one of are must wanted games since i first heard of it. At least it only a delay and i hope it's not a very long one!

OutLaw5820d ago

I'm surprised as well. I saw alot of potential for this game. Thank god it is a delay and not cancelled

DOLBY DI GA TAL pf5819d ago

That's to bad this game would have sold like Halo J/K but it will be a hit as soon as they get their act together.

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