China Restricts Online Gaming Play for Minors to 1 Hour on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays

China has updated its online gaming play restrictions for minors, and they're now much harsher: only one hour and on specific days.

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ToddlerBrain57d ago

All of these publishers bent backwards to get into the Chinese market only for China to completely destroy it.

zacfoldor57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Yep, and brought in all new devs and started new projects to appeal to this mobile market. Honestly, I hope the mobile market loses some of its sway and maybe those developers to refocus on gaming platforms that aren't also mobile phones. Could be nice.

VenomUK57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Whether anybody likes it or not the mobile market is the fastest growing market worldwide -it's having explosive growth in India, Africa and China. For most people there a smartphone is their only computer device. It's not going away, its going to get bigger and there will be more Chinese games hitting Western markets.

Western mobile games have been poisoned by pay to win mechanics found on iOS & Android but these are not synonymous with mobile gaming. In time the successes of titles like Genshin Impact and subscriptions and quality games sold independently will demonstrate that there is a better way to offer mobile games.

zacfoldor57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

When a mobile game relies only on a touchscreen, it is always the worst way to play, imo. I play games. I will not start playing terrible games on terrible gaming devices because marketing people think everyone with a cell phone is suddenly a casual gamer to be bilked. If cell phone gaming was the only gaming there was, I'd quit playing new games and only play my backlog. That's fine, but big no from me on touch screen controls on a tiny screen with terrible graphics as my "gaming" device, just because it happens to be popular through non-gaming means.

DarkkMinion57d ago

@VenomUK Genshin Impact is a cash grab that will turn you into a gambling addict.

VenomUK57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

@zacfolder I own a large screen iPad and can use a controller with it but I very rarely play games on it. Because I also own consoles it means I’ve got choices - not everyone in the world does.

JustTheFax57d ago

@VenomUK Not everyone in the world owns an Ipad with a large screen either

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Magog57d ago

To be fair adults are the biggest video game players these days.

SurgicalMenace57d ago

Like it or hate it, let's look at the fact that China houses some of the brightest minds in the world. Is it a surprise that they're not wanting their kids to be in a thoughtless, zombie like, state? Look at their IQs compared to the nation housing the ones judging. How many things in your house are MADE IN CHINA?🤷🏾‍♂️

blacktiger57d ago

MADE in China doesn't mean anything. It could've hade in Africa had it political differences such making business decisions. Now you going to see other made in because currency rises.

DoubleTTB2257d ago

You do realise that so much is made in China because of cheap sweatshop labor. Not because of intelligence.

And IQ isn't that valuable of a way to measure intelligence in the first place. There is no catch all for all different types of intelligences that accurately tells you anything. Having a high IQ and just being smart all the time in every context only happens in comic books.

Livingthedream57d ago

I agree these gaming habits start at an early age, and become an addiction with many individuals. It’s not necessarily bad to restrict things as these kids will likely have the capacity to learn more productive things, if they make good use of the free time. Gotta love our freedom of choice here though.

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gamer780457d ago (Edited 57d ago )

i tried finding this news on fanbyte, but oddly no article yet, i'm sure they are working on it, lol

Imalwaysright57d ago

Is there any communist government that didn't end up in a dictatorship?

TheDoomedGuy57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Communism paves the 2ay for dictatorship. It's the only way communism works to begin with.

Well it doesn't work but ywah

kryteris57d ago

Dictator Trump be jealous.

specialguest57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

When I read the article title I thought to myself, what's surprising about this? It's China. They've had several basic human rights taken away decades ago. This 1 hr gaming restriction is literally NOTHING compared to the more important things

Unknown_Gamer579457d ago

That’s a dictatorship for you. Communism is when everyone is on equal ground. The second someone is above the system, usually to enforce it, it’s no longer communism. Of course, there’s no real world data as of yet of any attempt at communism not devolving into a dictatorship (and I don’t think China’s system was ever meant to be anything but a dictatorship).

Magog57d ago

Hunter gatherers were successfully communist for hundreds of thousands of years.

Popsicle57d ago

@Magog Homosapiens/hunter gatherers have always been territorial. Ask the Neanderthals how willing they/we were willing to spread the territory/wealth equally and fairly while controlling the means of production.

vfl52357d ago

And communism will never work. Like you said that is where everyone is on equal ground. It's the unequal ground or drive to better oneself is what leads to innovation and advancement. Why would anyone go through everything it takes to be a doctor, scientist, or an engineer, when they get the same benefits as someone working at McDonald's. Sure maybe a few would, but more often than not not enough would. Would Steve Jobs have founded Apple if he couldn't rep the rewards for his work?

NeoGamer23257d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Whether it is communism or free capitalism.

The solution is not one or the other. The solution is in the middle.

While I would agree that regulating gaming time is ridiculous, there are some things in communism that are working better then capitalism. For example gangs, drugs, and guns are out of control in highly capitalistic countries such as the USA. Also, the USA is morallly void. Meaning that it doesn't matter what you do as long as you follow the rules and even bend them into your favor, no matter who it hurts or unjust it really is.

The problem is the USA and China/Russia are the leaders of the two sides and neither thinks anything the other one is doing is right, so no matter what topic it is, the countries take it to the extrreme. At this point the world is laughing at all three of USA, China, and Russia. I am more fearful visiting the USA then I am China. Simply because I could get gunned down crossing the streets. I went on a USA trip just before the pandemic and the driver side window of my rental car was shot through while I was in a store. Had I been in the driver's seat I would've been dead. At least in Russia and China, I just know that I have to behave a certain way and not get involved in any political discussions. Frankly, all three USA, China, and Russia are all broken messes.

CptDville57d ago

What a piece of crap opinion. There is no defense on loosing you free will.

NeoGamer23257d ago

So when a person of freewill murders someone that is ok? Steals things from others? Recruits a 12 year old into a gang? Bullies a person to the point their self worth is so low they commit suicide? Does a person of freewill have the right to smoke in the same room as their kids, who may be allergic to cigarettes' smoke making them constantly sick? Do they have the right to pollute the environment and ruin it for others? Cut down trees wherever they want? Put graffiti on private property? Get COVID-19 and spread it to someone who is immune compromised so that they die? Tell someone else which religion is the "right" religion? Say that all people of a certain color/race are creating all the bad in their world? Make business deals that deprive seniors of their pensions that they worked literally decades to build? Deny someone who does not have a lot of money healthcare? Decide which people live or die? Decide which people get fed/unfed? Is it OK not to pay your bills and make your service providers suffer financially?

Freewill has consequences and boundaries too. Nobody lives in total freewill.

Magog57d ago

Actually, no. That's authoritarianism. Communism has nothing to do with this decision. China isn't even communist they are a capitalist society consumed with creating wealth.

Popsicle57d ago

In the context of what you are replying to I agree with your assertion that it is authoritarianism and not communism. However, I would ask the co-founder of Alibaba Holdings Jack Ma if he agrees that China is a true capitalist economy after the Chinese government placed him under “supervision” (jail) as he and his company gained “to much” success.

I would likewise ask the CEO of Didi Global if they feel that China’s system is true capitalism when they sent police officials to their office after they very recently defied Xi Jinping when being told to delay their listing on the NYSE. Soon after the Chinese government announced that they will penalize Didi Global and are threatening a forced de-listing.

Given these examples it is obvious that the Chinese government do not take kindly to companies in their country that may become successful enough to threaten their power. They make it clear to the most successful businesses over there who is really in control of the means of production.

Rimeskeem57d ago

I don't think that is strictly communism. Sounds more like China being dickheads to minors and not understanding psychology at all.

LightofDarkness57d ago

China hasn't been a communist nation since the 70s, when Deng Xiaoping took over. People would do well to understand history a bit better instead of regurgitating nonsense.

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MWH57d ago

For parents this is a good move.

InUrFoxHole57d ago

Try spending time with your children.

LostinthePANIC57d ago

This is only a "good move" for communism.

EvertonFC57d ago

Lose plenty of money in 1 hour gambling, just saying

Ninver57d ago

Everton sucks. Sorry couldn't resist.

CptDville57d ago

You can loose it on drugs, market, buying a Ferrari and crashing it without insurance.
Next idiotic comment please.

RaiderNation57d ago

Yes, if you want the government raising your kids. No thanks! I'd rather the government stay the hell out of my life and let me make my own decisions as to what my kids can and can't do.

Sayai jin57d ago

The government already regulates in many ways how we raise our children.

blackblades57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

American government dont care about our kids they dont wont them to wear mask and now the kids getting covid. Even the parent dont wont there kids wearing mask. Sometimes both are sh... but yeah government should stay out away unless the parent is abusive pr whatever.

Cernunnos57d ago

I hope you don't have kids

NeoGamer23257d ago

The problem is not gaming time.

People like to blame gaming, but the problem is more how the kids are being raised and the values being instilled upon them by their parents.

I have two kids. One kid games a lot. Today, she has a job as a nurse, is fit, travels the world, and volunteers in many different things. I couldn't ask anything more of her. Gaming has not affected her contribution to society or her mental state. It is her hobby.

SurgicalMenace57d ago

Or a parent that doesn't want the game to do the parenting for them.

CptDville57d ago

Yeah, parents should give their sons to the government. They know better what to do!

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TeamIcoFan57d ago

We can't let gaming get in the way of their propoganda- I mean, "education", now can we?

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