New PS5, PS4 Games Coming This Week: August 30th – September 3rd

PP: What games are coming to PS5 and PS4 this week? Are there any big hitters you need to know about? Or should you hit snooze and wait another week?

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specialguest1059d ago

Nothing exciting on the PS5 until Elden Ring kicks off 2022. What's left this year? More rehashed or remastered games like skyrim, gta 5, and Death Stranding? Annual/semi-annual shit like cod and bf? Indie games? Boring

phoenixwing1059d ago

You probably consider it rehashed but tales of arise is out soon

1059d ago
DashIronclad1059d ago

I’m looking forward to Chernobylite and FIST which come out the 7th, and Lost in Random and Deathloop right after.

GameBoyColor1059d ago

Was so excited getting my ps5 but all Ive been playing is ps4 games lol. Next year will be better I guess.

Retroman1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

If gaming be better you would "Not" be still playing PS4 games on PS5 LoL 🤣 I'm still gaming on my PS3, PS4
maybe PS5 GT might make me buy PS5???

Retroman1054d ago

If gaming be better you would "Not" be still playing PS4 games on PS5 LoL 🤣


WRC 10 The Official Game review - ChristCenteredGamer

CCG writes - "This port to Switch, while some necessary compromises were made, largely plays great. It's also completely appropriate - unless you believe hitting a pedestrian should deserve a higher penalty, or consider driving off of a cliff violent. If you have any interest in rally racing games, I'd recommend sticking with PC or the big brother consoles if that is an option for you. But if not, or you really want to race while on the go, then WRC 10 The Official Game on Switch is an excellent choice."

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PlayStation Now games for April: Outer Wilds, WRC 10, Journey to the Savage Planet

"Solve a galactic anomaly, tear up the racetrack, catalog alien fauna and play eco-warrior with April’s PlayStation Now lineup. Choose to tackle the Outer Wilds, drive your way to glory in WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship, survive your Journey to the Savage Planet, or protect your lands in Werewolf The Apocalypse – Earthblood from tomorrow, April 5, when the titles join PlayStation Now."

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yeahokwhatever841d ago

sweet. wrc is an excellent game.


NACON and KT Racing’s “WRC 10” is now available for the Nintendo Switch

"NACON and KT Racing Studio are pleased to announce that "WRC 10", the official video game of the FIA World Rally Championship, is now digitally and physically available on the Nintendo Switch." - NACON and KT Racing Studio.

Bigman4k858d ago

Looks good from the trailer tho but still i wanna pick this up for Nintendo Switch

CobraKai858d ago

That does look pretty good. I’m always looking for Switch games that use realistic graphics. If the PS360 can do it, the Switch can do it.