PS3Vault: One Month On: LittleBigPlanet Follow-up Review

PS3Vault: "It's been almost one month since our LittleBigPlanet review, so how has it lasted? Have we been hanging from sponge balls and jumping over electric rocks for the last month or did we get bored and move on?"

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pupu3653d ago

LittleBIGflop worst game of 2008 CONFIRMED!

Gamoc3653d ago

...You are aware that you're a little bit of an idiot, aren't you?

Ah, who am I kidding? Credit where credit's due - you're a complete idiot. You should have your picture next to 'idiot' in the dictionary.

Narutone663652d ago

Probably too young to understand what that means. You must be PP's other account. Well, anyway, welcome to my ignore list moron.

radzy3653d ago

what a baby game . offcourse no one bought it . lol

Gamoc3653d ago

Same as above to you, too. It looks cutesy but it's hugely fun, there are so many things you could make in the editor it has unlimited replay value and playing multiplayer is the funniest thing I've done in a game for years.

Of course, you won't get to experience it because you're so shallow.

Also, as far as cutesy games go, anything by Nintendo is cutesy. Nintendo? Who's that?

mrdxpr23653d ago

why dont u go play your metro miis oh wait u dont play them oh well... its funny thoe cause if LBP was in the 360 they would be all goty 08 lbp but since they cant have it they hate on it... when they know its a great games they just hating cause they have nothing to play only gays at war 2

3652d ago
dhammalama3652d ago

This game is absolutely brilliant!

SL1M DADDY3652d ago

I have had it since launch and have not gone one day without playing a level or two and have successfully created several levels and even published a couple. The game is absolutely awesome and a must play for anybody that loves games.

ultimolu3652d ago

I still adore this game. That picture gets me every time. So cute! n_n

soljah3652d ago

yep its like the gift that keeps on giving. this is one game that i will not be selling back to gamestop.

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