Saints Row Notorious Edition Details Announced

Deep Silver has revealed the Saints Row Notorious Edtion, now available for pre-order on consoles and PC via the game's official website.

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NealGamby60d ago

It should be illegal to announce preorder info before they show off actual gameplay.

Nitrowolf259d ago

they just did, well a bit in there dev video from yesterday

NealGamby59d ago

Let me check it out then. Thanks

chicken_in_the_corn60d ago

This is the one I'll get. I'll pre order it once lockdown's over

porkChop59d ago

Why is this physical only if it only includes digital items? And the only extra thing this version has is the Idols pack. Why would I go out of my way just to get a helmet, a weapon, and a vehicle?

Christopher59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

The pre-order links on the site don't even work for now. I'm going to assume there will be digital versions of this as well, they just don't have them set up with the console people.

Edit: yeah, there's similar editions on PS5 ---

Edit 2: Strange, the only edition available on PS4 is the Platinum Edition?

dumahim59d ago

This is just a bad description.

Exclusive SteelBook® with game disc
Expansion Pass
Double-sided poster (66cm(W) x 39.3cm(H))
Mini Artbook
4 Santo Ileso postcards
4 character art cards
Bonus -Los Panteros American Muscle Bundle
Bonus - The Saints Criminal Customs

porkChop59d ago

Weird. I looked up other articles too and they didn't list any physical items either.

Germaximus59d ago

Any time an "Edition" has to be announced, they should just f*** right off.

dumahim59d ago

You can f*** right off. I like extras.

purple10159d ago

People who tell other people to f*** ight off, can f*** right off.

Along with people who point out people telling people to f*** right off. They can f*** right off too.

My jokes are bad. I am sorry.

Christopher59d ago

Everyone can f*** right off?

Germaximus59d ago

LOL @ Purple101.

I'm just talking about the obvious pure greed, guys. Relax. It's not a burn on players. /sigh Being old sucks. You damn young people grew up with bullcrap. lol

Sucks for you ends up sucking for us all. Cuz you don't know how bad you have it. That's why it gets worse for mankind every generation.

ramble ramble ramble nutter nutter

Father__Merrin59d ago

So the game is just called saints row then?

Christopher59d ago

Yeah. It's a complete reboot.

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