Rumor Killers: December 9

1. Is Home coming out next week?

2. Is Microsoft working on a Crackdown sequel?

3. Is Dragon Quest IX heading to the Wii?

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italianbreadman3626d ago

I thought Japanese DQ fans celebrated the portable move for DQIX

cain1413626d ago

They should make another crackdown. Some decent potential with that one.

dannyhinote_133626d ago

Totally. Crackdown was the ultimate multi-task game. I could listen to a podcast/music or whatever, and just jump around the city.

Would fully support a sequel.

LeonSKennedy4Life3626d ago

A Crackdown sequel would be great! The first one was awesome! I guess I would just want a few more powers though. It would be smart for Microsoft to have Crackdown 2 go up against Infamous...even though...I mean...Infamous would obviously be better. It's Sucker Punch.