Netjak : Dream Pinball 3D Review

Rick Healey writes "My rage is as vast as the infinite reaches of space, and seldom do I have a target so deserving as Dream Pinball 3D. I know, when you pick up something by SouthPeak Games, you're not about to pick up high quality. You're picking up something thrown together in a few weeks to justify a quick cash grab. I've come to terms with that. There's a reason I don't pick up their games until Best Buy is practically throwing it in my basket after picking up another volume of anime. So I have really low expectations out of Dream Pinball 3D. How SouthPeak manages to fall short of even those is impressive. It's like earning the gold medal at the Failympics – you just have to fail that much harder than anyone else.

Now, in theory, the concept behind video game pinball should be fairly simple. Make a video game approximation of a pinball table, make it competent in terms of both physics and table layout, and let players have fun. It's worth noting that, thanks to the Virtual Console and WiiWare, there are already three games proving quite competent at this task – Alien Crush and Devil's Crush, both originally for the TurboGrafx-16, and Alien Crush Returns on WiiWare. (And if you're willing to go primitive, the original NES Pinball is also available.) Not only is it possible to come up with a simple and engaging pinball game for the Wii, it's already been done three times. Is it too much to ask for SouthPeak to do it as well?"

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Nineball21123601d ago

You can't get a much lower score than that!

It must really be a stinker!