Can Gamers Save Midway?

That Gaming Site writes: "The economy has taken a toll on many; from banks to even the gaming industry, with studios forced to downsize or close their doors all together. Among those lay Midway, a company whose future has been called into question by many since the days of the Dreamcast. With the economy in a rut, many have asked "Is 2008 Midway's last stand?"...."

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Rich16313627d ago

Can we? Yes
Should we? No

They haven't made a good game in a long, long time.

Elven63627d ago

It may have helped your case if you read the article rather then basing your assumption off the title alone. Oh wait, this is N4G.....

ultimolu3627d ago

Midway needs to get back to making good fighting games. They're heading down the crapper.

TheColbertinator3627d ago

Wish I could help Midway but I can only do that with a sequel to Psi-Ops.

Elven63627d ago

Now that the court case has been settled it's definitely something they could be doing. Perhaps that "better then Gears" game is Psi Ops 2???

Graphics Whore3627d ago

DC vs. MK - T Rating, bad friggin' idea.

Elven63627d ago

On a gamers standpoint, yea! On a average consumers standpoint, not so much.

DarkBlood3627d ago

well im going to get mk vs dc universe

i have to say i didn't like the armaddgeddon or however its spelled becuase the fighting controlls just was too hard to use but i guess i can understand that because it isn't 2d where you jump and hit like the old games where and by the way i didnt realy complain about the story line but it was just not actiony enough but i loved the scenes nothing less
i did like shalion monks though

Elven63627d ago

I think Armageddon was more of a Nostalgia thing to say "Hey thanks for sticking with us all these years, here's a treat". I'm actually picking up Mk vs DC tomorrow as well, according to Midway the sales are good so who knows.