2021 Has Become the Year of the 3D Platformer

2021 has seen numerous high profile and critically-acclaimed 3D platforming games, making it one of the best years for the genre so far.

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bouzebbal148d ago

Remove Mario 3d world from.there it's a port

Vits148d ago

Bowser's Fury is a complete new thing though. And albeit it is small and short. It is a ridiculous fun time.


Each to their own. It's more of the same. The only thing ridiculous is the price

Vits148d ago


More of the same? It is a completely different take of the 3D Mario formula. Going for a open world with environmental changes.

I agree that the price shouldn't be $60. But saying that it is more of the same. Is very disingenuous.

bouzebbal147d ago

Bowser fury is so repetitive.. ended up muting the tv the soundtrack is so repetitive and sucks. 3D world is a far better game

NeoGamer232148d ago

Just really nice to see that games other then RPGs, action-adventures, and shooters can really do well.

Rimeskeem148d ago

I know this isn't 2021 but Sackboy was a really fun coop platformer!

badz149148d ago

ok that's it...I'm buying the game right now for my PS4! screw waiting for the PS5, tried several months, no luck!

Rimeskeem147d ago

It's just a fun game with friends. Sackboy always has been, it is online as well so you can play with other friends who have it.

LordoftheCritics148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

That's why its been such a slow game year. Not much of a platformer fan.

R&C has my attention though.

TheDoomedGuy148d ago

To be fair there isn't much platforming in ratchet and clank.

It's mostly an action adventure similar to it uncharted in genre

fitofficial148d ago

Yep, very little platforming nowadays. More "press button to see pretty thing".

fitofficial148d ago

Play the old ones. They're much better. Original trilogy is one of if not the best in PS history.

toxic-inferno148d ago

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is the best game in the genre that I've played since the early PS2 days. Granted, I may have missed a few gems along the way, but there's no doubt that Rift Apart is an instant classic. Nothing hugely innovative - just a fantastic adventure!

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The story is too old to be commented.