20 Years Later, Devil May Cry’s Dante Is Still A Lovable Loser

As Devil May Cry celebrates its 20th anniversary, lets look back on Dante and everything he stands for.

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ApocalypseShadow61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

There's some history in this article. So, there's some part of it that's interesting.

But the narrative that Dante's a loser, cringe worthy, or that the characters are idiots for saving the world again and again, makes absolutely NO SENSE. Nothing in the article even explains why he or his friends are losers or idiots when they're winning and looking good doing it.

Dante's cool. End of. The added garbage is ridiculous in what could have been a decent article overall.

SDuck61d ago

I guess missing to pay your bills while your saving the World makes you an idiot, idk

BrainSyphoned61d ago

Cue Spider-Man opening cutscene.

ApocalypseShadow61d ago

It just didn't make sense to me for those little additions.

Example: I was in the military in the 90s and stationed overseas protecting people. In my friend's and I downtime, we ate food, chased women and goofed off playing card games and video games while still having bills to pay. Does that make us losers or idiots like he portrays Dante and his friends? It just makes no sense and ruins the article.

Of course the click bait title worked as intended to get me to read it. But I won't be back to their site in the future after this one.

BrainSyphoned61d ago

Forces of evil in a bozo nightmare ban all thegamer with a phony gas chamber. I'm a loser baby so sftu.